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2 hours 55 min ago Spirit works in mysterious ways. Spirits R involved in our everyday affairs & help us 2 grow in ways tht way may not even know. #inspiration
4 hours 55 min ago Most of the time I do my psychic readings on people – I also receive interesting info from inanimate objects~http://t.co/ggTQgFZhWa
6 hours 55 min ago When you find yourself in a difficult situation, reach into the depths of your being and find a greater meaning to your life. #inspiration
8 hours 55 min ago We pick opportunities and experiences on the earth that are optimum for our spiritual growth and awareness. #inspiration
10 hours 55 min ago Earth is the schoolroom of the SOUL. #inspiration
12 hours 55 min ago Tap into the wisdom that your lost loved ones have to share everyday, with my talking to heaven mediumship cards. ~ http://t.co/GluXjIcrof