James Van Praagh

Spiritual Medium, Master Teacher, Healer

“We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around”



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40 min 22 sec ago Grieving is a great opportunity to grow, to understand, and to explore ourselves. Tears clean the window of our souls. #inspiration
2 hours 40 min ago Tears are God’s gift to cleanse our souls of pain and hurt. #inspiration
10 hours 40 min ago Some of us are "sensitive sponges." We pick up energy pretty easily from family & friends. Be sure to clear ur energy each day. #inspiration
12 hours 40 min ago Please enjoy my interview on Dr. Julie Radio - "All Things Connected” ~ http://t.co/htGxi5JyPT
14 hours 40 min ago Fear is not only an illusion but the largest block to personal growth and the potential of the human spirit to excel. #inspiration
16 hours 40 min ago When we go thru some sort of trauma, it's normal to feel sadness & fear. As U express ur feelings, U will begin to get relief. #inspiration