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2 hours 44 min ago We can always experience the departed by keeping their memories alive in our minds and hearts. #inspiration
4 hours 44 min ago I know U love Doreen Virtue as much as I do! Doreen's Hay House interview is available NOW & U can listen 4 free: http://t.co/l2pTApw6s3
6 hours 44 min ago Persistent thought patterns & unexpressed emotions manifest in our physical bodies. It's so important to keep your thoughts healthy.
8 hours 44 min ago We have come here to earth so that our souls may evolve. That is the only journey that is worthwhile. #inspiration
10 hours 44 min ago I would love to see everyone's aura become a shining shield of God Force energy glowing with the goodness that is inherent in us all.
12 hours 44 min ago The response to my new course has been amazing. I can't wait to start working with my students on our live calls. - http://t.co/GSs8xA31iD