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7 hours 40 min ago Dream visions can provide us with clues & answers to some of life's mysteries, such as "What's heaven like?" #inspiration
9 hours 40 min ago Join me for a 2 Day Intensive Workshop- Spirit Communication; Crossing the Cosmic Divide in Seattle Wa Oct 4th & 5th ~
11 hours 40 min ago When people around you project anger, envy, fear, and resentment, they drain your energy. Be on guard for psychic vampires! #inspiration
13 hours 40 min ago When you pray, simply acknowledge the truth that lies within your heart. #inspiration
15 hours 40 min ago If U're interested in spirit photography, the best place to capture ghosts, lights, & orbs is in a place where there R people. #inspiration
17 hours 40 min ago AVAILABLE AS MP3 DIGITAL DOWNLOADS -Try our TUNING INTO: Forgiveness - Meditation CD ~