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7 hours 19 min ago Victim consciousness is the product of ego, not spirit. If we don't take responsibility for our actions, no one can expect too much of us.
9 hours 19 min ago Join James on Coast to Coast with George Noory Oct 23rd 12am – 2am PST ~
11 hours 19 min ago The realization of the light of which you are made is a vital and healthful necessity for living in the physical world. #inspiration
13 hours 19 min ago Sense your energy, see who you truly are. Do not let your earthly mind distort the truth. #inspiration
15 hours 19 min ago You never know what is important for another person's spiritual growth. It is not our job to judge the decisions of others. #inspiration
17 hours 19 min ago Leave the thorns behind & make your life a bed of roses at I Can Do It! 3-Day retreat in Pasadena. Oct 25th ~