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1 hour 26 min ago The easiest way to read someone is thru emotions. Whether they realize it or not, most people wear the hearts on their sleeves. #inspiration
3 hours 26 min ago In all my experiences, not one spirit has said that God was waiting on the other side to punish it for earthly deeds. #inspiration
5 hours 26 min ago The only true constant is love-the power that creates & expands. Love knows no judgment or criticism; love just is. #inspiration
7 hours 26 min ago Develop Your Soul Connection – OMEGA Oct 12th – 17th A Workshop for Intuitive & Mediumship Empowerment ~
9 hours 26 min ago Love is never static, but always evolving. Love is simultaneously random & ordered, a part of everything. #inspiration
11 hours 26 min ago Love is everything. It is the divine, unseen, unifying force that holds everything together. Love belongs to everyone & everything.