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The Healing Power of Animals I am the proud dog-parent of two rescues, Boo Radley and Maisey Mae, which many of you have come to know through my various posts on Facebook and Youtube. In all my... Read More
1 hour 55 min ago Practice talking to yourself in a positive way and you'll find it will get easier as time goes by. #inspiration
3 hours 54 min ago Let go of expectations and live the life you're destined for. Peace comes only when we are true to our soul's nature. #inspiration
5 hours 55 min ago Do what is important to you. You will help create a better world for yourself, your family and your friends. #inspiration
13 hours 55 min ago Have faith in your abilities and trust the universe to give you the answers. #inspiration
15 hours 55 min ago Join me for a special Evening of Spirit: Beyond Contacts in Munchenstein, Switzerland July 19th at 7pm ~
17 hours 55 min ago Make sure your heart is in whatever you do. And remember to trust the universe - it knows what you want. #inspiration