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7 hours 10 min ago If you believe anything, believe in yourself and the power you possess as a spiritual being. #inspiration
9 hours 10 min ago At a James Van Praagh event , every1 benefits from taking time out of their busy lives 2 think abt those who passed~http://t.co/p3fiOt4sSW
11 hours 10 min ago When you live in the past, or are worrying about the future, U R not living in the moment, & intuition occurs in the present. #inspiration
13 hours 10 min ago Your soul is a spark of light that burns brightly within you. This is the essence of who you are. #inspiration
15 hours 10 min ago Know that your loved ones are only a thought away. You can speak to them, and they can hear you! #inspiration
17 hours 10 min ago Take time 2 absorb the soul lessons U have come back to Earth 2 learn, such as sorrow, forgiveness, compassion & joy. http://t.co/pR9CTUVjWX