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7 hours 35 min ago You are creative and powerful. Let go of your fixed ideas, change your inner pictures, and give yourself control over your own life.
9 hours 35 min ago Have U enjoyed the many episodes of #SpiritTalk on @Gaiamtv? For details & to sign up 4 10 day free trial ~
11 hours 35 min ago Whatever you can do or dream, begin it now. Every thought you have creates a force of energy. #inspiration
13 hours 35 min ago The way to avoid negative psychic energy is to let go of depressing thoughts and unkind attitudes. #inspiration
15 hours 35 min ago Some of us are "sensitive sponges." We pick up energy easily from family & friends. Check your energy daily mentally cleanse your energy.
17 hours 35 min ago Tune in to my appearance on THE SOUL SUMMIT on MON, OCT 27th, 2014 at 1:00pm (Pacific). Register today ~