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1 hour 54 min ago There is a perfect timing and a rhythm to all things, and one day it will all be revealed to us. #inspiration
3 hours 54 min ago You know you’ve got it right when you “feel the flow.” What Keeps YOU From Getting in the Flow? ~ http://t.co/sZcBKxA7Mo
5 hours 54 min ago Look at life with the knowledge that what you do affects everyone. Consider your thoughts and actions wisely. #inspiration
7 hours 54 min ago Use ur spiritual awareness to encourage & comfort others. As we lift up others, we help those shackled by their own illusions. #inspiration
9 hours 54 min ago Unwrap the gifts of Your Soul. #inspiration
17 hours 54 min ago It is fairly common for family members to help their families from the other side, becoming their spirit guide. #inspiration