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3 hours 25 min ago There is life beyond this physical world, and spiritual beings from other worlds are around us all the time. #inspiration
5 hours 25 min ago Missed the latest episode of my Hayhouse Radio Show – Talking to Spirit? Enjoy the archived recording ~ http://t.co/daFPI75Bru
7 hours 25 min ago Our souls have experienced many places, times, and situations with the same people. This is known as a soul group. #inspiration
9 hours 25 min ago Our time on earth is like a great school where our souls can learn & grow, to come to know ourselves as the spiritual being we really are.
11 hours 25 min ago It is important that you become aware of your aura, because other people are and they know intuitively if it is strong or weak. #inspiration
13 hours 25 min ago Learn how to elevate your mind body and spirit here: http://t.co/6SYrueXMxV #ElevatedSummit