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1 hour 25 min ago It is important to check ur energy on a daily basis & clear all the baggage. Make room for gratitude & love ~ http://t.co/TyTsMZcmFJ
3 hours 25 min ago We always have the freedom to choose how we wish to respond to whatever life presents to us. #inspiration
5 hours 25 min ago Being spiritual doesn't mean being a serious person. It's our nature to express laughter and joy. #inspiration
7 hours 25 min ago Take time to breath. #inspiration
15 hours 25 min ago A thought is a living thing. There is strength and power in thoughts, and we must learn to use them wisely. #inspiration
17 hours 25 min ago U were born with intuitive skills. By practicing mindfulness & awareness you’ll tap into your natural gifts! ~ http://t.co/xZO9kXkKBH