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3 hours 19 min ago Everything in life occurs as part of a spiritual plan. Everything. All of life is about learning from our experiences. #inspiration
5 hours 19 min ago Mind Journey: A #meditation to ur Source. Rest & be recharged as U R connected to ur soul & its incredible beauty. ~
7 hours 19 min ago A variety of beliefs can make life interesting. It would be so absolutely dull if we all believed in the same thing, wouldn't it?
9 hours 19 min ago Thoughts are like magnets - they attract situations and people that reflect what you are thinking. #inspiration
11 hours 19 min ago Can you imagine if everyone thought of love and not hatred? Your thoughts have the power to create good in the world. #inspiration
13 hours 19 min ago Develop Your Soul Connection – OMEGA Oct 12th – 17th A Workshop for Intuitive & Mediumship Empowerment ~