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3 hours 37 min ago I am constantly in contact with my spirit guides and I trust in their guidance and support. This can be true for anyone. #inspiration
5 hours 37 min ago When U understand that U R a soul having a human experience, you gain a whole new perspective on death and on lifeā€¦ http://t.co/7kwp95XM16
7 hours 37 min ago If our state of mind is one of well-being, love, and peace, this is what we will project outward and therefore will experience. #inspiration
9 hours 37 min ago In all my experiences, not one spirit has said that God was waiting on the other side to punish it for earthly deeds. #inspiration
11 hours 37 min ago The bonds of love between ourselves and our pets live on as we journey to the other side. Love bonds always continue. #inspiration
13 hours 37 min ago Is there a person or situation that's holding you back? If so, see it now. As yourself, "What am I learning from this?" #inspiration