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1 hour 17 min ago Spirit works in mysterious ways. Spirits are involved in our everyday affairs & help us to grow in ways that way may not even know.
3 hours 17 min ago When we are in communion with our divine souls, even the simplest acts of creation testify that every day a miracle is waiting to be born.
5 hours 17 min ago Join me on a journey to self-discovery. “Master Your Power Within” Workshop in Tucson AZ Sept 21 – 24th ~
7 hours 17 min ago Your soul chooses the unique circumstances and situations in your life as lessons of self-mastery. #inspiration
9 hours 17 min ago Life can be an exciting adventure. Learn to let go & allow life to flow in whatever direction it takes you . #inspiration
11 hours 17 min ago Your soul is always speaking to you. #inspiration