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2 hours 43 min ago Forgiveness brings healing first to self and in turn helps spread this consciousness to all humankind. #inspiration
4 hours 43 min ago My Hayhouse Internet Radio Show – Talking to Spirit airs on Tues 11am PST. Coming up- A Guide to Your Spirit Guides!~ http://t.co/Yd3ZIJjtzs
6 hours 43 min ago When we are unaware, we sleepwalk through life, living a dull existence, no matter how busy we think we are. #inspiration
8 hours 43 min ago Death is not the end of existence, nor is it something to be feared; there is life beyond this physical world. #inspiration
10 hours 43 min ago A Message from Spirit: Death is False, Life is Real. #inspiration
12 hours 43 min ago Have a hunch that you may be PSYCHIC? Fan that spark into a flame, by becoming certified as a Psychic Intuitive Guide~http://t.co/tdFtWRSFSX