James Van Praagh

Spiritual Medium, Master Teacher, Healer

“We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around”



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19 min 54 sec ago If you want good in your life, do good in your life. The energy you create is the energy that the universe returns to you. #inspiration
2 hours 20 min ago There is a limitless supply of LOVE always at our disposal. #inspiration
10 hours 20 min ago As spiritual beings, we R forever learning, developing & evolving. We pick our experiences on earth 4 optimum spiritual growth. #inspiration
12 hours 20 min ago Learn to utilize your intuition with ENHANCING YOUR INTUITION - Online Course ~ http://t.co/ZFIRMCcmO1
14 hours 19 min ago We are never alone, our guides are always with us. They already know our needs and are always ready to lend us a hand. #inspiration
16 hours 20 min ago Meditation gives us more control over our lives. It allows us to recognize the core of our being - the true self. #inspiration