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The Healing Power of Animals I am the proud dog-parent of two rescues, Boo Radley and Maisey Mae, which many of you have come to know through my various posts on Facebook and Youtube. In all my... Read More
2 hours 8 min ago Pay attention to the people with whom you most often associate. We are the company we keep. #inspiration
4 hours 8 min ago We are inspired and encouraged by spirit every day and in every way. Your spirits are always by your side. #inspiration
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8 hours 8 min ago Remember that spirituality is our birthright. It is who we are first and foremost. #inspiration
10 hours 8 min ago Each day is filled with the magic of hope and possibilities. #inspiration
12 hours 8 min ago This weeks #AskJVP video is now available: What is Reincarnation? ~