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4 hours 55 min ago Love is simultaneously random & ordered, a part of everything. When we attempt to limit love, that's when we get into trouble. #inspiration
6 hours 55 min ago Spirit Signs – Accessing Loved Ones Who Have Passed. Learn the signs & methods Spirits use to make contact. ~
8 hours 55 min ago Find ways to balance all areas of your life. Use your creative energies to contribute to yourself and others. #inspiration
10 hours 55 min ago Whatever you want, choose it out of love for yourself, and not to inflate your own ego. #inspiration
12 hours 54 min ago The future has yet to happen, so there is nothing about it to be concerned about. The only thing you can control is the present moment.
14 hours 54 min ago Join me for an extraordinary Afternoon of Spirit at the Center for Spiritual Living Newport-Mesa Sept 7th 1pm ~