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1 hour 11 sec ago Know that there are no mistakes, only experiences that expand your soul and make you the person you are. #inspiration
3 hours 8 sec ago On a spiritual level, we have promises to keep and lessons to master. #inspiration
11 hours 12 sec ago You are creative and powerful. Let go of your fixed ideas, change your inner pictures, and give yourself control over your own life.
13 hours 15 sec ago Have U enjoyed the many episodes of #SpiritTalk on @Gaiamtv? For details & to sign up 4 10 day free trial ~
15 hours 13 sec ago Whatever you can do or dream, begin it now. Every thought you have creates a force of energy. #inspiration
17 hours ago The way to avoid negative psychic energy is to let go of depressing thoughts and unkind attitudes. #inspiration