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1 hour 47 min ago I would love to see everyone's aura become a shining shield of God Force energy glowing with the goodness that is inherent in us all.
3 hours 47 min ago The response to my new course has been amazing. I can't wait to start working with my students on our live calls. - http://t.co/GSs8xA31iD
5 hours 47 min ago At birth we do not enter the physical world empty handed; we bring along the wisdom of eternity contained within our soul's memory.
7 hours 47 min ago I believe that within each of us lie the answers, in that invisible, undefined part called the soul. It is the essence of who we are.
9 hours 47 min ago Live a Soul-Filled Life! #inspiration
17 hours 47 min ago Spend more time listening to others. Don't try to control; honor other's choices. #inspiration