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1 hour 27 min ago If you pay attention to your feelings, especially when you don't want to follow the crowd, you begin to understand what makes you you.
3 hours 27 min ago I want you to recognize that you are a spiritual being who is part of a large cosmic family of spiritual beings. #inspiration
4 hours 7 min ago Carmel Testimonials: http://t.co/7hJEpTBQcU via @YouTube
5 hours 27 min ago Thoughts are like magnets - they attract situations and people that reflect what you are thinking. Your thoughts have power. #inspiration
7 hours 27 min ago Whenever you want to reach Spirit from this side of life, start by sitting in the silence, by meditating. #inspiration
9 hours 27 min ago On Air Today at 11am PST - My Internet Radio Show – Talking to Spirit on Hay House Radio ~ http://t.co/4ShvfhbwTx