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5 hours 9 min ago There are a lot of energies of which you need to be aware, because not all of them are working in your best interest. #inspiration
7 hours 9 min ago Need a helping hand from th Spirit World! Meet ur Spirit Guides & learn how 2 access their wisdom in this week's blog~http://t.co/1zuL38undJ
9 hours 9 min ago When we look to the outside world for answers, we inevitably stumble along feeling confused and apprehensive. #inspiration
11 hours 9 min ago If our state of mind is filled with doubts & fear, we will project this state outward, & it will therefore become our reality. #inspiration
13 hours 9 min ago We are protected by our auric shell, but at times this shell can wear down if not protected. Prayer & meditation build up your energy field.
15 hours 9 min ago James takes time to talk about Energy and answers the questions: What Is Energy? ~ http://t.co/VZLZrfbF2V