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1 hour 26 min ago Join James & Mavis Pitilla for an exceptional evening of spirit in Westlake CA Aug 9th 7pm – 10pm ~
2 hours 18 min ago James Van Praagh in Switzerland: via @YouTube
2 hours 20 min ago I added a video to a @YouTube playlist James Van Praagh in Switzerland
3 hours 26 min ago In all my experiences, not one spirit has said that God was waiting on the other side to punish it for earthly deeds. #inspiration
5 hours 26 min ago God is a term for pure and unconditional Love. It is the Universal force, the All, and the everything. #inspiration
7 hours 26 min ago The quickest way 2 recognize the power of God w/in us is 2 tear down the walls of self-criticism & self-judgment & nurture ourselves w/love.