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5 hours 18 min ago Forgiveness frees the heart & takes us from the position of victim to someone in charge. #inspiration
7 hours 18 min ago Tap into your inner-guidance system with “Master your Power Within” 2 day workshop in Tucson AZ Nov 8th & 9th ~
9 hours 18 min ago The past is gone, and we cannot get it back. We can only live in the present moment. #inspiration
11 hours 18 min ago Self-forgiveness is the greatest gift U can give yourself. When U forgive yourself, you return to your true self. #inspiration
13 hours 18 min ago The past is always a teacher for the present. Let go of guilt and embrace the lessons of your past. #inspiration
15 hours 18 min ago The next episode of #SpiritTalk -- Out of Body is now available for viewing on @Gaiamtv. For details ~