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1 hour 17 min ago To change your situation, change your attitude. #inspiration
3 hours 18 min ago Thoughts and emotions affect our auras first and manifest lastly in our physical bodies. Positive visualization helps to build up the aura.
5 hours 17 min ago There is so much more to life than what you see through your eyes. #inspiration
13 hours 18 min ago Laugh every chance you get. Laughter is sure to break the bonds of negativity that may be lurking about. #inspiration
15 hours 18 min ago Looking forward to seeing everyone for an extraordinary Evening of Spirit in Red Bank, NJ March 19th ~ http://t.co/oG56Xr1JF6
17 hours 17 min ago We must allow ourselves to go thru the grieving process in order for us to discover the opportunities that wait for us beyond our suffering.