James Van Praagh

Spiritual Medium, Master Teacher, Healer

“We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around”



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1 hour 43 min ago How do we recognize the power of God within us? The quickest way is to nurture ourselves with love. #inspiration
3 hours 42 min ago Nurture your self-esteem. Learn who you are and LOVE who you are. #inspiration
11 hours 43 min ago When you send out love, love will return to you. You cannot receive what you do not give out. #inspiration
13 hours 43 min ago Learn to utilize thoughts as U want at Create a Life U Love to Live w/James & Deepak Chopra Dec 11-14 in Carlsbad, CA~http://t.co/iNzhfNmnUs
15 hours 43 min ago Tough times can teach us to be compassionate. When we have compassion, we are acting from our soul's perspective. #inspiration
17 hours 43 min ago We are here to accept ourselves and the world around us with love and compassion. #inspiration