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1 hour 52 min ago Unwrap the gifts of Your Soul. #inspiration
9 hours 52 min ago It is fairly common for family members to help their families from the other side, becoming their spirit guide. #inspiration
11 hours 52 min ago Wondering if James is coming to ur area? Check the Event page 4 upcoming classes, workshops & spiritual engagements ~ http://t.co/x62dmt4IAz
13 hours 52 min ago Live life from the inside out, not the outside in. Let your feelings guide your way. #inspiration
15 hours 52 min ago As you realize you are a spiritual being in human form, U become aware of your energy force. This helps to deal with life on a human level.
17 hours 51 min ago Don't be a worrywart. Just keep moving with faith and trust in a universe that fulfills all your needs and desires. #inspiration