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2 hours 5 min ago Join me with Deborah King for An Evening of Spirit & Healing in Sugar Loaf NY on Oct 9th at 7:30 pm ~
4 hours 4 min ago A lot of the lessons we learn on our soul journey are lessons about love. #inspiration
6 hours 5 min ago If you commit to daily meditation practice, you will find that going within becomes natural and effortless. #inspiration
8 hours 5 min ago If you want good in your life, do good in your life. You can't expect happiness if you make everyone else's life miserable. #inspiration
10 hours 5 min ago Daily, we should reinforce the strength of our auras through prayer, meditation, and positive visualization. #inspiration
12 hours 4 min ago My Internet Radio Show -Talking to Spirit on Hayhouse Radio airs on Tues 11am PST Telepathy: Connection to Spirit ~