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1 hour 1 min ago I find that spirits are involved in our everyday affairs and help us to grow in ways that we may not even know. #inspiration
3 hours 1 min ago Our spirit guides are drawn to us to help with important lessons or aspects of our personalities that need to be perfected. #inspiration
5 hours 54 sec ago We come back to earth to learn lessons for our personal soul development and one of the most common lessons is that of love. #inspiration
7 hours 1 min ago Tonight! Join me at the Alexandria II Bookstore in Pasadena CA 4 a Adventures of the Soul Book Signing Oct 24th 7pm ~
9 hours 1 min ago Your soul chooses the unique circumstances and situations in your life as lessons of self-mastery. #inspiration
11 hours 1 min ago Know that there are no mistakes, only experiences that expand your soul and make you the person you are. #inspiration