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1 hour 11 min ago Everything in life moves in its own rhythm and in its own time. #inspiration
9 hours 11 min ago You can minimize the effects of the negative psychic influences that surround you just by becoming aware, conscious, and alert. #inspiration
11 hours 11 min ago Looking 4ward 2 Cing everyone at the Alexandria II Bookstore in Pasadena - Adventures of the Soul Book Signing Oct 24~
13 hours 11 min ago Time spent on earth is one of learning. We are here to do the best we can and to treat others with compassion and kindness. #inspiration
15 hours 11 min ago Individuals who take responsibility attract other responsible human beings into their lives. #inspiration
17 hours 11 min ago Practice talking to yourself in a positive way & you'll find it will get easier as time goes by. #inspiration