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1 hour 4 min ago You are a multidimensional being because your human body houses your spirit body, which is not limited by dimensions of time or space.
3 hours 4 min ago There is no dimension of time once we leave our existence on earth. Time as we know it just doesn't exist. #inspiration
5 hours 4 min ago Getting another person's perspective can be extremely helpful if you are in an emotionally charged, stressful situation. #inspiration
7 hours 4 min ago My Internet Hayhouse Radio Show – Talking to Spirit airs on Tues 11am PST. Coming up - Campfire Stories ~ http://t.co/IrLGUoMEvk
9 hours 3 min ago In stressful times, you should always reach out to those who you feel will support you. No one travels through life alone. #inspiration
11 hours 4 min ago When you stop negative self-talk and build a positive self-talk vocabulary, you will attract positive thing to you. #inspiration