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1 hour 4 min ago Each soul is unique, and each has different spiritual needs and must experience what is best for its soul's growth. #inspiration
3 hours 3 min ago On a spiritual level, we have promises to keep and lessons to master. There are always moments to learn about ourselves. #inspiration
5 hours 3 min ago My Internet Radio Show – Talking to Spirit on Hayhouse Radio airs on Tues 11am PST ~ http://t.co/L3FU3tKlOm
7 hours 4 min ago Our thoughts have an incredible effect on the aura, and like a paintbrush, a thought can be a delicate stroke or a blurry mess. #inspiration
9 hours 4 min ago A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. #inspiration
17 hours 4 min ago We all have the right to be in tune with the universe and to partake in the goodness that life has to offer. #inspiration