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1 hour 38 min ago Take this moment to Make A Difference. #inspiration
9 hours 39 min ago If you want something in your life, first you must think of it, put your intention behind it, and keep your focus on it. #inspiration
11 hours 38 min ago Check out my latest blog on Heal Ur Life & learn the unexpected effects developing ur intuition can have on ur life! ~http://t.co/Rz2GdUmTcL
13 hours 39 min ago When we look to the outside world for answers, we inevitably stumble along feeling confused and apprehensive. #inspiration
15 hours 39 min ago A thought is a living thing. There is strength and power in thoughts, and we must learn to use them wisely. #inspiration
17 hours 38 min ago A Message from Spirit: Only in silence can you begin to hear my voice. #inspiration