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2 hours 8 min ago It is important that you become aware of your aura, because other people are and they know intuitively if it is strong or weak. #inspiration
4 hours 8 min ago Learn how to elevate your mind body and spirit here: http://t.co/6SYrueXMxV #ElevatedSummit
6 hours 8 min ago Spirits will try every way possible to let you know that they are still very much a part of your life. #inspiration
8 hours 8 min ago When we die, only the physical body dies; the mind and the soul remain alive and aware. #inspiration
10 hours 8 min ago A soul can never die. #inspiration
18 hours 8 min ago I am constantly in contact with my spirit guides and I trust in their guidance and support. This can be true for anyone. #inspiration