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59 min 28 sec ago Join me with Lynn Probert for a 3 Day Intensive Workshop : SOUL CONNECTION in Mission Viejo, CA Sept 1st – 3rd ~
2 hours 59 min ago If you believe anything, believe in yourself and the power you possess as a spiritual being. #inspiration
4 hours 59 min ago When I reflect on the past, I understand that my life is a result of the choices I have made at each moment. #inspiration
6 hours 59 min ago As much as we may try to will things to happen, we must learn to let go & allow spirit to do its part. Move forward w/ faith. #inspiration
8 hours 59 min ago Available on Amazon Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook ~
10 hours 59 min ago It's too easy to fall into negative self-talk. Whenever you speak to yourself in less than loving terms, change your tune. #inspiration