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1 hour 19 min ago During a lifetime in this school called earth, our reactions to certain experiences impact us sooner or later. #inspiration
3 hours 19 min ago Earth is our school, and we are here to learn from the differences everyone has to offer us. #inspiration
11 hours 19 min ago Everything in life occurs as part of a spiritual plan. Everything. All of life is about learning from our experiences. #inspiration
13 hours 19 min ago Mind Journey: A #meditation to ur Source. Rest & be recharged as U R connected to ur soul & its incredible beauty. ~
15 hours 19 min ago A variety of beliefs can make life interesting. It would be so absolutely dull if we all believed in the same thing, wouldn't it?
17 hours 19 min ago Thoughts are like magnets - they attract situations and people that reflect what you are thinking. #inspiration