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1 hour 25 min ago No one travels this journey alone. The bonds of love last through eternity. #inspiration
3 hours 25 min ago Wondering if James is coming to ur area? Check the Event page 4 upcoming classes, workshops & spiritual engagements ~ http://t.co/U5EqXhN7tz
5 hours 25 min ago Spiritual enlightenment cannot be attained according to a schedule. Each soul comes to their truth in a unique way, at the proper time.
7 hours 25 min ago You are a member of a soul group. Everyone in your life is here for a reason; they're here for you! #inspiration
9 hours 25 min ago As a soul you are capable of having a human experience in a physical dimension… #inspiration
11 hours 25 min ago Reading the stored energy w/in objects is called Psychometry. Psychometry is just 1 psychic way of "Cing" something.~ http://t.co/9ZEpTZumh7