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3 hours 9 min ago Emotions are the rawest of energies, and whether they realize it or not, most people wear their hearts on their sleeves. #inspiration
5 hours 9 min ago Your Inner Psychic: Tapping into ur own internal psychic. Learn how 2 utilize ur inner guidance system.~ #meditation
7 hours 9 min ago Relax and meditate. When you are centered and properly grounded, everything is easier to deal with. #inspiration
9 hours 9 min ago When we give our energy to others, we have to get it back, or we become depleted. Renew by surrounding yourself with white light of spirit.
11 hours 9 min ago Guilt is created by our own self-imposed expectations and fears. There is no advantage to feeling guilty. #inspiration
13 hours 9 min ago Join me on a journey to self-discovery. “Master Your Power Within” Workshop in Tucson AZ Sept 21 – 24th ~