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1 hour 51 min ago Each day brings with it new hope and new lessons to learn. #inspiration
9 hours 51 min ago Your soul is a spark of light that burns brightly within you. This is the essence of who you are. #inspiration
11 hours 51 min ago Experience will change your life - it changed mine! ~ http://t.co/N4Y1c4Pv2I
13 hours 51 min ago If you pay attention to your feelings, especially when you don't want to follow the crowd, you begin to understand what makes you you.
15 hours 51 min ago I want you to recognize that you are a spiritual being who is part of a large cosmic family of spiritual beings. #inspiration
16 hours 31 min ago Carmel Testimonials: http://t.co/7hJEpTBQcU via @YouTube