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50 min 51 sec ago My Internet Hayhouse Radio Show – Talking to Spirit airs on Tues 11am PST. Coming up - What's Your True Calling ~ http://t.co/BKDKJtu617
2 hours 50 min ago It is easy to get out of balance in ur life, especially if U try to do too much or live according to other people's standards. #inspiration
4 hours 50 min ago The universe is limitless, as are you. You can trust that the universe will send you whatever you need and want. #inspiration
6 hours 50 min ago A Message from Spirit: Only in silence can you begin to hear my voice. #inspiration
14 hours 50 min ago Focus your thoughts on love. Let only your love go out so that love will come back. #inspiration
16 hours 50 min ago Write a letter from ur soul 2 ur human self. This Xercise was channeled straight in2 my head last week at my workshop~http://t.co/JJs1N5NmXl