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5 hours 3 min ago You are and always will be LOVE! #inspiration
7 hours 3 min ago Need a little inspiration and a roadmap for your soul-journey? ~ http://t.co/TKfWC0AX9B
9 hours 3 min ago How do we recognize the power of God within us? The quickest way is to nurture ourselves with love. #inspiration
11 hours 3 min ago Intuition is subtle. It is not an outside force that compels you, but rather a small inner voice that knows. #inspiration
13 hours 3 min ago To make good choices, visualize each outcome. Be aware of your feelings. Joy is a great way to know you've made the right decision.
15 hours 3 min ago My Internet Hayhouse Radio Show – Talking to Spirit airs on Tues 11am PST. Coming up - What's Your True Calling ~ http://t.co/BKDKJtu617