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3 hours 2 min ago Perfectionism is a curse. Peace only comes when we are true to our soul's nature. #inspiration
5 hours 2 min ago Join me on a journey to self-discovery. “Master Your Power Within” Workshop in Tucson AZ Sept 21 – 24th ~
7 hours 3 min ago So many of us obsess about the one thing that is out of our control - the past. The only power we have is in the "now." #inspiration
9 hours 2 min ago When people shed their physical bodies at death, they are able to recognize the value of others & what they had to learn from them.
11 hours 3 min ago Beliefs can be roadways or roadblocks. A variety of beliefs can make life interesting and colorful. #inspiration
13 hours 2 min ago Available on Amazon Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook ~