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2 weeks 6 days ago There are many reasons we choose to live and die, and all are for our spiritual growth and the spiritual growth. #inspiration
2 weeks 6 days ago Thoughts and ideas are always flowing through you, but you can block that flow of energy when you try to control a situation. #inspiration
2 weeks 6 days ago You create your own circumstances. The world outside is merely a reflection of the world you have created inside of you. #inspiration
2 weeks 6 days ago Learn to love yourself as you are right now. Each day, your own love will create an energy shield of positive vibrations around you.
2 weeks 6 days ago My Internet Radio Show – Talking to Spirit on Hayhouse Radio airs on Tues 11am PST ~ http://t.co/C4n0gvCy7p
2 weeks 6 days ago I want you to recognize that you are a spiritual being who is part of a large cosmic family of spiritual beings. #inspiration