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The Healing Power of Animals I am the proud dog-parent of two rescues, Boo Radley and Maisey Mae, which many of you have come to know through my various posts on Facebook and Youtube. In all my... Read More
1 hour 54 sec ago Enjoy from JVPTV - Spiritual Gardening: Affirmations to nourish and cultivate your soul ~ #meditation
3 hours 56 sec ago I have found that letter writing is one of the best ways to carry on a continued communication with a loved one. #inspiration
5 hours 1 min ago As strange as it may sound, death is a part of life. That is, death is but a stage in the soul's spiritual journey. #inspiration
7 hours 1 min ago When we die, only the physical body dies; the mind and the soul remain alive and aware. #inspiration
9 hours 53 sec ago Join James & Britain’s most renowned medium Tony Stockwell, for 2 amazing events in Phoenix May 2014! REGISTER NOW!
11 hours 52 sec ago Ghosts walk among us, impressing us with their love, guiding us with their wisdom, and protecting us from harm. #inspiration