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1 hour 30 min ago Envision ur thoughts as light beams being transmitted from a mental radio station. Your positive thoughts are being received by others.
3 hours 30 min ago My Internet Radio Show – Talking to Spirit on Hayhouse Radio airs on Tues 11am PST UPCOMING EPISODE: SOUL CHOICES ~
5 hours 30 min ago When we are aware of the power & magic of the universe, and life itself, extraordinary occurrences, or miracles, are natural. #inspiration
7 hours 30 min ago Positive thoughts help to counterbalance negative energy. #inspiration
15 hours 31 min ago Dreams are communication from your unconscious mind, a vast source of creativity, and your connection to the cosmic forces. #inspiration
17 hours 30 min ago The 10 Most Important Questions of Our Time: James answers ten of the most fascinating questions people have asked ~