James Van Praagh

Spiritual Medium, Master Teacher, Healer

“We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around”



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32 min 26 sec ago I believe that it is time to focus on spiritual priorities rather than outward appearances. #inspiration
1 hour 33 min ago The great Margaret Cho is helping the homeless in SF! I donated to #BeRobin: Help the Homeless http://t.co/BuhhxT5uXl via @gofundme
2 hours 32 min ago Spirit Signs – Accessing Loved Ones Who Have Passed. Learn the signs & methods Spirits use to make contact. ~http://t.co/7yctf7tDlI
4 hours 32 min ago Everything in life happens in its time. There is no use wasting energy worrying about end results. It only distracts U from enjoying life.
6 hours 32 min ago If you have the opportunity, let go of any ill will and make peace with anyone who has caused you problems. #inspiration
8 hours 32 min ago Usually when we let go of a problem, the answer we seek comes through. #inspiration