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14 min 19 sec ago When U follow the guidance of ur higher self & spiritual guides, U guard yourself from psychic vampires & negative energies. #inspiration
2 hours 14 min ago Join me with Lynn Probert for a 3 Day Intensive Workshop : SOUL CONNECTION in Mission Viejo, CA Sept 1st – 3rd ~
4 hours 14 min ago When you meditate, you are spending precious time with your Higher Self. #inspiration
6 hours 14 min ago The more in tune with your Higher Self, the more you become aware of the light being that you are. #inspiration
8 hours 14 min ago The Higher Self is the connection between your physical personality & the divine energy that flows thru everyone & everything. #inspiration
16 hours 14 min ago How do we recognize the power of God that is within each of us? By taking down the walls of self-criticism & nurturing ourselves with love.