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1 hour 14 min ago MASTERING MEDITATION: Online Course 8-week online course designed to teach U 2 understand the art of #meditation.~
3 hours 14 min ago When people shed their physical bodies at death, they R able 2 recognize the value of others & what they had 2 learn from them. #inspiration
5 hours 14 min ago It's too easy to fall into negative self-talk. Whenever you speak to yourself in less than loving terms, change your tune. #inspiration
7 hours 14 min ago You are made of love, and this earth is rich with opportunities to love. Love is all around you. #inspiration
9 hours 14 min ago Looking 4ward to Cing everyone 4 an extraordinary Evening of Spirit at the Centre Pointe Theatre in Ottawa CA Oct 27~
11 hours 14 min ago We R all here 2 learn love, & the first lesson is learning love of self. W/out love of self, we cannot know how to love others. #inspiration