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1 hour 7 min ago You are surrounded by the vibration of LOVE – soak it up, and send your own love energy out to the universe! http://t.co/xc05TNVVGc
3 hours 7 min ago Each soul is unique, and each has different spiritual needs and must experience what is best for its soul's growth. #inspiration
5 hours 7 min ago Shine your light to the far ends of the earth so that everyone can see it. You can show others the keys to their own beautiful inner light.
7 hours 7 min ago We often have to clear out the old before we can bring in the new. Reorganize a room in your house & see where that takes you. #inspiration
9 hours 7 min ago The intelligence of the heart goes far beyond this mortal realm! #inspiration
11 hours 7 min ago My Internet Radio Show – Talking to Spirit on Hayhouse Radio airs on Tues 11am PST ~ http://t.co/QG6IzTvHy0