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2 hours 7 min ago Join me for a 2 Day Intensive Workshop- Spirit Communication; Crossing the Cosmic Divide in Seattle Wa Oct 4th & 5th
4 hours 7 min ago We never really know about the timing of things or of the effect our lives have on any more than a handful of people. #inspiration
6 hours 7 min ago Think of something U want to say each day that will create the kind of life you want. Start each day with a positive tone. #inspiration
8 hours 7 min ago There is a perfect timing and a rhythm to all things. #inspiration
16 hours 7 min ago Just thinking of a loved one who has passed over can attract that spirit to you. Spirits are extremely sensitive. #inspiration
18 hours 7 min ago Join me with Lynn Probert for a 3 Day Intensive Workshop : SOUL CONNECTION in Mission Viejo, CA Sept 1st – 3rd ~