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7 hours 21 min ago It is important to check your energy on a daily basis & clear all the emotional and mental baggage that you may have picked up. #inspiration
9 hours 20 min ago There’s nothing like meeting with my friends & fans. The things people share w/me after a show is so inspiring! ~ http://t.co/9VJAB9BeXQ
11 hours 20 min ago Love unifies and builds, it defends and protects. It is a concentrated energy that has no boundaries. #inspiration
13 hours 21 min ago Each one of us can only do the best we can in our own lives and demonstrate love whenever possible. #inspiration
15 hours 20 min ago The energy of love is the most powerful, natural force in the Universe. Love binds everything together & permeates everything. #inspiration
17 hours 20 min ago Learn how to focus 2 clearly hear ur psychic voice. DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC SELF workshop Woodcliff Lake, NJ Mar 18 ~ http://t.co/BIjGLwoFbs