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39 min 41 sec ago Seek out solitude. Listen to the silence. This is a way to get in touch with your true feelings. #inspiration
2 hours 39 min ago To find your true path - Let your intuition be your guide. #inspiration
10 hours 39 min ago The best way to attune to your inner world is by closing your eyes, to close off outer distractions and to focus inwardly. #inspiration
12 hours 39 min ago I believe the key to happiness is living ur own true, authentic life – following ur own path. ~ http://t.co/16tNQNMqOc
14 hours 39 min ago I am continually learning from spirit about the necessity of choosing love and forgiveness for myself and others. #inspiration
16 hours 39 min ago Finding the smallest of life's blessings can lighten your heart and open you up to a new energy. #inspiration