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6 hours 45 min ago You are an excellent, unlimited light being. You have the ability to change any condition in your life. #inspiration
8 hours 45 min ago B guided thru a beautiful garden where U will create & envision all U've desired. TUNING IN2: Abundance-#Meditations
10 hours 45 min ago Feeling guilty over something that has passed will not change it. Having guilt hampers your progress in healing your heart. #inspiration
12 hours 45 min ago When U become aware of your thoughts & actions, U can change negative aspects into light-filled ones, strengthening your aura. #inspiration
14 hours 45 min ago One of the great spiritual truths that I have learned over these many years is that our personal power exists only in the here and now.
16 hours 44 min ago Join James & Mavis Pitilla for an exceptional evening of spirit in Westlake CA Aug 9th 7pm – 10pm ~