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1 hour 57 min ago It doesn't matter what others think of you if you are fulfilling your life's purpose. Don't worry about others, be original! #inspiration
3 hours 57 min ago B guided thru a beautiful garden where U will create & envision all U've desired. TUNING IN2: Abundance-#Meditations
5 hours 57 min ago How does your action affect the life of another? By taking responsibility, we give ourselves a place in the world. #inspiration
7 hours 57 min ago Individuals who take responsibility attract other responsible human beings into their lives. #inspiration
9 hours 57 min ago The universe really does have a plan, and we are all part of it. #inspiration
11 hours 57 min ago Join me for a 2 Day Intensive Workshop- Spirit Communication; Crossing the Cosmic Divide in Seattle Wa Oct 4th & 5th