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1 hour 14 min ago Many times ghostly signs R subtle & may seem like coincidences. The more open we R, the more often we'll recognize these signs. #inspiration
3 hours 14 min ago Finding the smallest of life's blessings can lighten your heart and open you up to a new energy. #inspiration
5 hours 14 min ago You are creative and powerful, so be willing to let go of your fixed ideas. Replace fear with love, and you can change your inner pictures.
7 hours 14 min ago Join James for a very special Halloween Day Séance this Fri, Oct 31. Log-on to Facebook & post ur questions 2pm PST.~
9 hours 14 min ago The spiritual world is available to anyone. By exploring our inner self, we bring new awareness into every aspect of our lives. #inspiration
11 hours 14 min ago When U meditate, U are releasing various thoughts, feelings & physical discomforts. U begin 2 free from the burdens you've been carrying.