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1 hour 23 min ago Remember that you have spiritual helpers in the form of angels and spirit guides that are always ready to assist you. #inspiration
3 hours 23 min ago The way to avoid negative psychic energy is to let go of depressing thoughts and unkind attitudes. #inspiration
5 hours 23 min ago Sometimes in order to feel reconnected to your true self, you have to change some of your negative attitudes into ones of joy & happiness.
13 hours 23 min ago When you send out love, love will return to you. You cannot receive what you do not give out. #inspiration
15 hours 23 min ago Learn to receive actual messages and signals from your loved ones in the spirit. Spirit Speaks #meditation program ~
17 hours 23 min ago Life can only be fully gratifying or appreciated when we become aware of our own inner power, our connection 2 the God Force energy.