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3 hours 50 min ago When we meditate, we are in essence training our thoughts to lift to a higher vibration. #inspiration
5 hours 50 min ago Develop Your Soul Connection – OMEGA Oct 12th – 17th A Workshop for Intuitive & Mediumship Empowerment ~
7 hours 50 min ago When you confront a fearful thought head on, U release the power behind it. By recognizing it, you don't give it any more power over you.
9 hours 50 min ago Positive thoughts help to counterbalance negative energy. Our positive thoughts & prayers are vital to our physical and psychic well-being.
11 hours 50 min ago We must be careful not to manipulate our thoughts into guilt. Remove guilt to understand the reasons behind our thoughts. #inspiration
13 hours 50 min ago Envision ur thoughts as light beams being transmitted from a mental radio station. Your positive thoughts are being received by others.