A Word about Ghosts!

I just returned from one of the most spiritually charged places in the country, Lily Dale, New York. Since1879, Lily Dale has been a mecca for spiritual development  – in fact, everyone who resides within it’s gates has passed a test proving that they are a medium, a healer or a psychic of some kind. Visitors can tour the pet cemetery (all varieties of pets, from birds to horses, are buried there), or venture into the otherworldly virgin forest to receive readings from local mediums at the Inspiration Stump Ceremony.

Lily Dale is one of my favorite places to host a demonstration. Not only is it full of like-minded individuals – but it’s also home to countless ghosts and spirits. Once when I was here, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln appeared to me. Last week I spent some time at the old Assembly Hall in the center of Lily Dale. It’s walls are covered with drawings, paintings and tapestries, all guided by spirit hands, and the rustic old rooms are so crowded with ghosts that there’s barely room for the living!

Ghosts among us.

Being at Lily Dale made me think about ghosts and the mixed emotions they stir up in the living. When I was a child I could see dead people – and for the most part, they had a positive influence on my life. However, I soon realized that like people, ghosts can be good or bad. Most ghosts, or Spirit people, come to me from the other side after they have successfully passed over into the light. It’s the ghosts who remain earthbound who encroach upon our physical environment, and they can have a negative, fearful effect on us.

What is a ghost? 

Ghosts are spirits – while your earthly body is alive, your spirit resides within it. When your physical body dies, the spirit exits, and a transparent replica of the physical body emerges and moves into the spirit world.

When you transition from your physical body, the spirit that either passes over to the light, or remains on earth is a ghost. The spirits who remain tied to the earth are the ones that you hear about in ghost stories and movies – the ones who, for the most part, have unresolved issues with the physical world

Why do some ghosts remain earthbound? 

Ghosts can get “stuck” on earth for a variety of reasons. They may have unfinished business with someone or something here on earth, or their death may have been so sudden that they are actually unaware that that have passed on. They are stuck in between – still trying to interact with the living. Some ghosts are so afraid of what lies ahead, especially if their religious beliefs include hell and damnation, and they cling to the earth in fear of what lies beyond.

What do earthbound ghosts do? 

In spite of what Hollywood would have you believe, earthbound ghosts don’t drift around cemeteries or abandoned buildings, waiting to scare the heck out of teenagers who venture into their territory. They actually are drawn to places where the life force is strong – and they can influence the living to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do!

My friend Laura once told me a story that is typical of earthbound ghosts. She was living in an old house in Venice that had been the home to hippies in the 60s. Even though she was a non-smoker, she was constantly drawn to the corner store to buy cigarettes. The urge to do this was so intense that she sought out the help of a psychic – who told her that there were two ghosts living in the house who had died from a drug overdose. They were the ones “sending her out” for cigarettes. Unable to reconcile their untimely deaths, and were stuck in the old house, and were passing the time by exerting control over Laura.

Why are some places haunted? 

Ghosts haunt places because they are attracted to the energy there. They might have strong memories – good or bad – associated with a place, or it might be the spot where they met an untimely death. They also might be attracted to the vibrations coming from a particular area – fear attracts ghosts, so you’ll find an unusual number at hospitals, airports – even the dentists office! These earthbound ghosts can cause disturbances in the energy that can be detected by the living.

How can I connect with ghosts and spirits? 

The more intuitive you are and open to the energy of the ghosts and spirits around you, the more likely you are to be able to help them to pass over to the light. By meditating, or putting your intention out to the Spirit people, you can open up a dialogue that can help them – and you! To find our more about ghosts and spirits, I recommend my book, Ghosts Among Us: Uncovering the Truth About the Other Side. It will help you to better understand and co-exist with the spirits who share your space.

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