(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Good evening everyone! It is so wonderful to see all of you here this evening. There are alot of new friends here tonight...and we are glad you joined us. And a big welcome back to our regular chat friends as well!

I am so very excited to have with us tonight a most amazing lady...I give a big welcome to author CHRSTINE MARIE DUMINIAK... welcome Christine!

(ChrisDuminiak) Thank you, Cammy.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) One of our dearest chat speakers, Judy Guggenheim, was kind enough to suggest her friend Christine Marie Duminiak as a guest speaker for our chat. And we are so happy that she did.

In 1998 Christine's deceased in-laws spontaneously visited her in her bedroom and stayed for an hour. They kept returning, as well as her father. These spiritual events led her to eventually write her afterlife book ‘God's Gift of Love: After-Death Communications.’

Christine has also established an Internet grief support and prayer website known as Prayer Wave For After-Death Communication. I have visited her site and I highly recommend it to you. What a wonderful place of comfort it is.

For more information on Christine Marie Duminiak and her work, visit her web site at http://www.geocities.com/adcfriends And now...I give to you, Christine!

(ChrisDuminiak) Thank you, Cammy. I am very honored to be here tonight with you and all of the guests. My prayer for everyone here tonight is that you all will feel God's love for you, His peace, comfort and healing in your hearts as you listen to the information tonight.

Back in 1998 I had just read my first book by a medium. It was James Van Praagh's ‘Talking to Heaven’.

I mentioned his fascinating book to a friend and said I was open the subject. BINGO!!
I said the magic words, for that very night is when my in-laws-in-spirit showed up in my bedroom, and stayed for an hour!! Wowee!!!

This eventually led me to establish a grief support board where others could come and discuss their after-death-communication experiences and to ask for prayers to receive one too!

What I have found over the years is, that prayers really do make a difference in getting an ADC (after-death communication). Our prayer group was getting a lot of ADC's and sharing them that I was led to write a book about their experiences.

Over time it became apparent that there were 20 significant ways, at least, that our loved ones can communicate with us.

By the way, an ADC, as defined by researchers Judith and Bill Guggenheim, is a spiritual experience, which occurs when you are contacted directly, and spontaneously, by a deceased family member or friend, without the use of psychics, mediums, rituals, or devices....

Most ADC's are subtle, so it is very helpful to know what the different signs are, in order to be able to recognize any sign that you may be receiving. And it is OK to ask for a specific sign in order to be able to recognize the sign as being an ADC when you get it.

HINT: If your first thought is, I just received an ADC, then go with it, and claim the ADC. Don't analyze it. Just enjoy it. For our loved ones will put the thought into our heads, that the sign was from them!!!

Why do they visit?

They visit to reassure us that they are OK; that they really do live on after they leave their physical body; that they can still see and hear us; that they watch over us and love us; that they are very happy being back at Home again with God; and that they want us to feel comfort and joy in our hearts when we receive an ADC from them.

Now here are some of the significant types of ADC's:

Dreams, visions, through pets, audio and music, telepathic thoughts, scents, touches, a presence, electrical manipulations, computers, phone calls, caller ID's, answering machines, objects being moved, gifts, coins, photos & pictures, butterflies, dragonflies, insects, birds, animals, rainbows, numbers, candles, God-incidences...

I will now go into more detail in explaining these.

1. DREAM VISITS: That are vivid and comforting. You will ‘feel’ you are actually talking to, or seeing, your loved one or pet.

If you are grieving, and the dream made you feel upset, sad, or ignored, this would not be an ADC from your loved one, even if it looks like them.

(God sends ADC's to comfort us.)

Ask for God's protection before you go to sleep every night, and you will see a more positive shift in those dreams. I personally ask for Jesus' protection, and this works very well for me.

If you do desire a dream visit, ask God each night to help you achieve it. Keep a pen and pad nearby to record your dream visit as soon as you start to wake up, so that you won't
forget it when you are completely awake.

If you pray and mediate to God, this will put you in that ‘twilight’ state and gives God a chance to ‘talk’ to you. Your loved one may even come through in your mind's eye
during this prayerful meditation.

So again, it is important to ask for God's protection before you start to pray and meditate, because this twilight state opens us up for different types of spirits to visit us. And it is important to do this during intervals of meditation too.

2.VISIONS: Seeing a loved one or pet in the room, or in your mind's eye. They may look transparent, semi-transparent, whitish or in full color. They may look like a photograph or a movie clip.You may see blinking white lights in your room, or cloud-like substances or silhouette shapes of people too.

You may see a loved one in the mirror, a window, or even briefly superimposed on another person's face!!! Seeing someone who looks like your loved one when you have been thinking about them, and needed to see them, is an ADC. You may even see a face in the clouds of your loved one, or others--like angels or a dove, etc.

3. PETS: Pets looking or staring, barking or meowing at something in the room that only he/she can see. Hearing your deceased pet's bark or meow, or a sound that is specific to them.

4. AUDIO & MUSIC: Hearing your loved one's voice…Hearing someone call your name "internally" inside of your head or "externally". Hearing a voice warn you of something.

A meaningful song being played in your head and you may even find yourself humming it for no particular reason. Songs suddenly being played on the radio, or by a DJ that are very meaningful to you.

A Morse code type of sound being tapped in your ear--yet you don't have a hearing problem! LOL!

5. GOD-INCIDENCES: ‘Lucky and amazing coincidences’ are really what I refer to as God-incidence, meaning that the coincidences or synchronicities are really special blessings from God in answer to your prayers and/or your loved ones prayers for you.

Your loved one may have helped in setting up the God-incidence for you.

6. TELEPATHIC THOUGHTS: Hearing your own voice speaking in your mind, but it is not your own thoughts. These thoughts will be strong and may be repeated for emphasis.

7. SCENTS: Unexplained scents or aroma of your loved one or flowers around you.

8. TOUCHES: Ticklish or a pressure type of feelings on your face or body. Your head being massaged or patted, or your hair being stroked (By the way, you can ask a specific loved one to touch the left side of your face, for instance, to let you know that it is them when you are feeling this).

9. PRESENCE: Sensing a strong or heavy energy presence in the room. Your ears may close up when you feel this presence. Feeling a breeze going by you, or a ‘cool-ness’ around you. Feeling a strong and sustaining chill going through you. Feeling a sensation of love and peace or electricity go through you. Sensing a sudden weight on your bed. Waking up at the exact time that your loved one has passed.

10. ELECTRICAL MANIPULATIONS: Lights, touch lamps, street lamps, garage doors, TV's and radios going on and off by themselves. The TV automatically channel surfing.
A clock, or watch, that has stopped at a significant hour.

11. COMPUTERS: Music and pictures being downloaded on your computer by itself.
E-mails showing to be sent by you, but you did NOT send them. Computer programs turning on, and running by themselves. Screen name of your loved one mysteriously showing up on your computer.

12. PHONE: Phone calls or messages left on the answering machine by your loved one.
Static on the phone, or answering machine instead of a voice. Numbers left on the caller ID connected to your loved one.

13. PHOTOS: Framed pictures on the wall of your loved one, falling off of the wall,
becoming crooked, or if the picture is standing on a table, falling down flat, or a photo of them just showing up! White misty forms appearing in photos.

14. OBJECTS: Objects being moved, disappearing and reappearing. Objects you find that connect you to your loved one. Or the object is something that you have been seeking and you suddenly find.

15. GIFTS: Receiving an unexpected gift that the giver had no idea has special meaning to you! A gift may arrive on a special date to show you that your loved one remember you, even from Heaven.

16. COINS: Materializing out of nowhere. The coin ADC will get repeated. Sometimes it will have a significant year on it.

17. BUTTERFLIES, DRAGONFLIES, ANIMALS, BIRDS, INSECTS: who seem like they know you, or belong to you. It can be one or hundreds of them when they are around you.

18. RAINBOWS: that appear after you have asked for a sign from your loved one, or on a significant date.

19. NUMBERS: that have significance to you, that show up on license plates, sales receipts, food checks, etc. It may be your loved one's birth date, anniversary or date of passing that appears on these things.

20. CANDLES: flickering wildly when there is no breeze in the room, as if someone were trying to wave ‘hi’ to you. Candles being lit by themselves even!!!

Cammy, I am ready for questions, now.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Great, Chris...


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the first question is from TERRI:

(Jeannie) Terri: Is it possible for someone who has passed and reincarnated to visit you with an ADC?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Terri. Terri, do you mean that they have reincarnated in a human body again while you are here on earth?

(terri) yes

(ChrisDuminiak) Well, while they are in the Heaven-lies, they would be able to give you an ADC, but I don't believe it would be called an ADC if they are here in a physical body on earth, Hon. Thank you, Terri.

(terri) ty


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from DIANEW:

(DianeW) My daughter Stephanie passed away last June at the age of 32. I have had many signs from her, like finding dimes every where and objects flying across the room. How can I communicate with her?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Diane. Every time you talk to her or even think about her, she ‘gets it’ instantly. So you can just keep on talking to her and she will love hearing from you this way, Hon. You can even write her too! She will get your message instantly as you write it.

You see our loved ones are still a huge part of our lives, even when they are back Home with God. This is a blessing from God that they watch over us and try to help us in our lives. They even pray for us too. So just keep right on talking to her. Thank you Diane.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from PSY:

(psy) What is the best time and way to try and contact a deceased loved one?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Psy, I personally feel that we should pray to God to allow these wonderful ADC's, Hon and see what He will bless you with. I don't believe there is any special time or way. God and your loved one knows when it is best to contact you.
Thank you, Psy.

(psy) thank you

(ChrisDuminiak) You are very welcome, Dear.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from DINO:

(dino) Is there a wait time after someone passes before you can have an ADC?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Dino. No, there really isn't. It can be as soon as they pass even.
However, you may not be ready for it as yet Hon. And God knows this, so the timing will depend on God's timing. Thank you, Dino.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from Guest62113:

(Guest62113) Can our loved ones hear our thoughts or should we talk to them out loud?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Guest. They can hear our thoughts, even, however, if they are busy
doing a special job for God, it is helpful for them to speak their name out loud to get their attention.

Sometimes God sends them on important missions, and during that period of time, Hon they may be using their full attention, and may not ADC us until their mission is finished. That is why sometimes we get a lot of ADC's, and other times it seems like a dry spell.

(Guest62113) ty so much

(ChrisDuminiak) Your are very welcome.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from EVIE:

(Evie) I keep asking for my mother to come to me and I never get a sign. Why?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Evie. Evie, pray to God to bless you with one and then give your mother a specific sign that you would like Hon. This way when you get your sign, you will recognize it as being from her, Dear. Keep on bugging God!!! That is what I do, and He will come through for you! God likes the communication with us too!!!

(Evie) Thank you so much

(ChrisDuminiak) Thank you, Evie. You are very welcome.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from BLONDIE:

(Blondie) Why is it that some spirits are able/willing to manifest themselves physically (such as your ADC), while others communicate more subtly through telepathy or feeling?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Blondie! It takes a lot of energy for the spirits to show themselves so visibly Hon. So it just may be a lot easier for them to use some of the other ways that don't take so much energy. However, not everyone is gifted to see spirits this way.

The night that my in-laws showed up, I woke my hubby up and pointed to them, but he could not see them. Only I could. So it is a combination of factors, you see. Most ADC's will come in the dream state, because it is easier for the spirits to manifest themselves this way, and for us to see and hear them too, no matter if you have a gift or not. Thank you Blondie.

(blondie) great, ty!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from PAMELA:

(Pamela) Chris, are our loved ones always listening for us to talk to them, do they know we have forgiven them for things that have been done?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Pamela. Yes, they surely know that we have forgiven them. They can read our hearts, Hon. They very much appreciate it when we do forgive them. And this pleases God tremendously when we do forgive. As well as freeing you up from such negative feelings and emotions. If you have forgiven someone, that is wonderful and they do know this. Thank you, Pamela. God bless you.

(Pamela) ty Chris

(ChrisDuminiak) You are very welcome.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from MARSHA LYNN:

(MarshaLynn) Hello Christine, I'm happy to see you this evening! How may I develop my abilities to discern, or be more in tuned to get ADC'S?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Marsha!!!

(MarshaLynn) Hiya!

(ChrisDuminiak) Well, I think reading my book, God's Gift of Love: After-Death Communications would be a great start!!! LOL!!!

(MarshaLynn) :-) Yes! I loved it sweetie!

(ChrisDuminiak) There is a lot of information in there to help you be able to discern an ADC. Awww, thank you, Honey. If you have a gift from God in this regard, ask Him to reveal this to you. And pray and meditate…

(MarshaLynn) NP. Very proud of you and the work you are doing hon...keep it up!

(ChrisDuminiak) …and see what happens.

(MarshaLynn) ok will do! thanks!

(ChrisDuminiak) Thank you, I will pay you later!!! LOL! God bless you, Sweetie.

(MarshaLynn) lol God bless you!

(ChrisDuminiak) Thank you!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from SANDALPHON:

(sandalphon) My heart is heavy as I now realize how many times I have had ADC and did not know it, but suspected. Does this mean my loved ones will give up on trying?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Sandalphon. No way!!!! They are delighted that you now get it, Dear!!!

(sandalphon) ty-chris

(ChrisDuminiak) They must be dancing for joy tonight!!! Hooray and alleluia!!! Look for them to repeat certain types of ADC's…

(sandalphon) You made my day, today is my birthday too! ty, ty, ty

(ChrisDuminiak) …they do this so you will ‘get it’ and then they branch out into other types of ADC's!!! Happy Birthday!!! God bless you! Thank you.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from MOONTHREADZ:

(moonthreadz) I worry to be calling loved ones away from their heavenly journey and entrapping them to this realm? Is that possible?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Moon. No, Hon, they follow God's direction, not ours. So keep on talking to your loved ones. They can be doing 2 things or more at the same time. This is part of the fun of being a spirit in the Heaven-lies!!! Keep on talking to them, for they love the communication. Thank you.

(moonthreadz) ty

(ChrisDuminiak) You are very welcome.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from LAB:

(lab) How can you really tell it is contact, and not just your imagination?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Lab.

(lab) Hi Chris!

(ChrisDuminiak) Well, you will usually get a thought "I think this may be an ADC!"
You get that thought because they give you that thought, so you will recognize your ADC. Don't bother to analyze it, Hon, just enjoy it in your heart!!!! God bless you!

(lab) Thank you and Bless you Too!

(ChrisDuminiak) :)


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Chris...the next question is from ELDEZEL:

(eldezel) Chris thank you so much... how does one know that are they channeling someone's deceased relative, or merely reading the information from the living person?

(ChrisDuminiak) Hi Eldezel.

(eldezel) Hi Chris.

(ChrisDuminiak) I am not sure I understand your question, Hon? Can you explain a little more? Oh, I see what you mean. You mean reading thoughts? Right?

(eldezel) Well sometimes I am talking to someone, and get info about their deceased relatives…

(ChrisDuminiak) Well, I would think this is information that the deceased relatives are giving you Hon.

(eldezel) …not sure if I am actually communicating with their relatives, or am just reading the information from their aura.

(ChrisDuminiak) Well, I always go to God on these things, Hon. So when this happens,
pray silently to God about it, as well as ask for His protection, and ask His guidance to let you know what your gift really is. He will answer you in some way to make it clear to you, Hon. Just ask God. OK?

(eldezel) I will Chris, thank you so much.

(ChrisDuminiak) You are very welcome! God bless you!

(eldezel) and u too :)


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Christine, that is all the time we have for tonight. Thank you for sharing such a great chat event!

(ChrisDuminiak) It was my pleasure, Cammy. I hope that a lot of peace, comfort and healing was felt here tonight in the hearts of those who needed it. Thank you so much for having me as a guest!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Oh it was...what a fabulous chat event.

(ChrisDuminiak) God bless you too, Dear Cammy and all the OP’s!!!!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more information on Christine Marie Duminiak and her work, visit her web site at: http://www.geocities.com/adcfriends

(urs) Very interesting session. Thanks a lot and God bless Chris.

(sandangel) {{ChrisDuminiak}} Thank you for sharing, and many blessings to you!

(fragrantrose) Brilliant, ty I enjoyed that. That was one of the best chat events!

(Lady) Thank You Christine and Ops.

(SweetKitty) Thank you Chris for enlightening us and sharing your wisdom with us. :)

(nomokids6) Christine God bless. I had so many questions, I couldn't figure out which one to ask, but you answered many for me thru others!!

(ANTHONY) thank you Chris

(munky) {{thanks Chris}}

(Inergi) Thanks Christine Duminiak...Great Chat! God Bless you! Thanks to JVP and all the Ops too and all the great questions too. 8-)

(Cuda) Thanks Chris......very enlightening.

(Brenda) ((Chris)) Well done! Thanks for sharing!

(ChrisDuminiak) Thank you!!!

(Laura) I really enjoyed your talk, Chris. Thanks sooo much! God Bless you always & forever!

(gina) Thank you Chris!

(SONshine) ty Chris, you were very informative!

(greeneyes) Christine, WONDERFUL JOB tonight, thank you. Please come back. xo

(christine) Very well done Christine:)

(Anastasia) Thanks Chris.You have confirmed some things for me. luv'n'lite everyone!

(MarshaLynn) Christine you wowed us once again hon!

(VB) Chris, you have made my year!!

(Dee) thanks Chris

(Promogal) Chris, thank you so much for a wonderful session.

(puppychow) Thanks Chris = Loved all the good information.

(BJM) ((Chris)) that was really great!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more information on Christine Marie Duminiak and her work, visit her web site at: http://www.geocities.com/adcfriends


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