(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Good evening everyone!! WOW...my goodness, what tremendous energy we have in da house tonight...haaaa Welcome everyone... So nice to see so many new chat friends here and, as always, happy to have our regular family with us!!

Tonight I'm so VERY excited that we have with us one of the most fabulous guest speakers...and just the best lady ever... Psychic, Astrologer, and Author STACEY WOLF. Welcome back Stacey!!!

(StaceyWolf) Thanks, Cammy! Another one of the best ladies ever!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) lol {{Stacey}} The topic of Spirit Guides is one that can always bring up a lot of questions and confusion and interest. Tonight Psychic Stacey Wolf will explain what spirit guides are and how they work in your life, discuss when they appear in our lives, when they change and why they change, and explain how to connect with them and "believe/trust" that the info you are getting is truly a guide.

You will need pen and paper, or a word processing document open on your computer, for this event as Stacey will be sharing a special exercise.

As a former actress and stand-up comedienne, Stacey brings a unique approach to her gift and shares her psychic and astrology techniques in her books 'Get Psychic,' 'Secrets of the Signs,' and the re-release with updates to her successful book 'Psychic Living.'

Her new-guided meditation CD, 'Anchoring Spirit,' is a revolutionary way of communicating with the different aspects of spirit. For more on Stacey Wolf, her work and her books visit her web site at: http://www.staceywolf.com And now I'll turn it over to Stacey!!

(StaceyWolf) Thank you so much, Cammy. And than all of you friends, from all over the world, who are joining in this wonderful community! The energy is really strong tonight, I just know we're going to get a lot of good work done!

Ok so let me start by going down the list of topics from the workshop description and explaining as I see and feel it. Then we'll do an exercise and get to tips and questions.

I'm a little spacey tonight so if I make a lot of typos, forgive me--it's hard to be in the channeling brain and the mental logical brain at the same time, something we'll tackle later...by the way...

What are spirit guides?

They are other worldly helpers, assistance of energy, light, love, God, Divine. They appear to many of us with a shape, a body, a history, often a place and time we've known them... a past life, in between lives... 

If we have a special talent or gift, a guide who wishes to help that talent be birthed, and I've seen it all--angels, leprechauns, tiny spirit balls of light, past life teachers, famous people, saints, animals, aliens--basically there are no rules... they really only show up in this form because it is us who need that--we like putting things into neat little packages.

That's the mental brain again, we like having a name, a face, an explanation--which is fine--they're happy to oblige! What ever makes us feel comfortable to connect to this source of loving, inspiring energy.

How do they work in our lives?

Boy some of these questions are loaded with a million answers... Everyone here I'm sure has at least one story of a guide, a dream, hearing a voice, feeling a chill in the air and knowing you are safe, protected, and doing the right thing. Since we all have had a spontaneous experience or two, and we've all read many wonderful stories of angels, spirits, and the like intervening on our behalf, I'm not as concerned with that explanation.

I'm more about crafting an open line of communication so that we can feel these energies on a daily basis.

So how can we get them to appear--not spontaneously--but at a set time and answer a set of questions? We make a date!  And we have one with them right now! The wonderful thing about this chat room is that we together create a powerful intention, that we magnify the energy and that everyone should know the power of their spirit guide, then we can take the wonderful energy home with us!

Let me continue by saying that a guide is stuck in your energy field like glue, so by that I mean, there is a specific place around your body and there it/he/she/they are.

Let's start by expanding our energy.  Where you are sitting, feel the energy within and around your body... the energy that is emanating from your body... if it helps, put your hands out in front and the sides of you, so you can define exactly where your energy is...

...just sit, even close your eyes for a second to shut off your outer sense... get a feel for what it feels like... 'feel' your energy....

Now, somewhere there is a big ball of light!  Or a blob of spirit (OK I'm joking) but you should feel like Velcro something... to the left, to the right, in front of you, behind.  

Make a note of where you feel it.

Here's tip #1: If your mental brain is on, and you're busy thinking, "I'm not feeling anything" here's how to rewire it: tell yourself, 'OK, I may not be feeling anything, but I'll play along, if I was to feel something in this field, where would it be?'

There it is.

My experience with my first guide (don't laugh), Marty the alien, or Martin as I'm sure he preferred, was that he was always above my left shoulder. In fact I guess I never realized he was there until one day he wasn't. And then I just felt different and it felt weird.

SO there he was and every morning when I first started developing my channeling skills, I'd wake up and take out my special journal and ask him a question.  So I did step one and two, I made a date and I asked him a question.

The best questions are never 'yes or no', never predictive type of Qs, you want to ask advicey stuff. The best first questions to ask are:  

Who are you to me?  
How do I know you?  
How would you like me to connect to you?
What are you here to help me with today?  
How can I better connect?  
How can I better trust?

One of these is what we're going to start with, so pick one and write it in your notebook or type it into your word processing doc. When you move along, good questions become about present issues: 

How can I best handle this situation?  
What is my biggest issue and obstacle?  
What is my greatest talent and gift?

OK so I have an entire notebook filled with messages from Marty.  He helped me with a lousy relationship.  One day he's not a few inches from my left shoulder, one day he's like 10 feet in the air--and I'm like, "ARG! WHERE'D YOU GO?"

It felt very weird, scary, like as if I was pushed on stage and left alone to sing a solo! So I asked, what happened and the story I got was basically that he'd been here for me in my early development to protect me from opening too fast, and that through his good work we were both graduating, me to another guide and him to a management position! OK I joke but you get it, our work was done.

So, through that experience I realized that some people have guides for life and some have guides for specific projects, for specific time periods like third grade, fourth grade, etc, we have many experiences.  Again, some of us may have a guide for many years and some come and go. There are no rules.

I did try out another guide she felt like a twin, a female with long blonde curly hair, very Celtic looking and my height. I felt her shoulder to shoulder the length of my body, but the truth is I never connected to another guide again and it's OK.

Through my constant meditation, chanting, psychic work, I don't need a daily personal guide, often I like just getting the info myself. My experience and understanding of guides has changed and yours might too, but this is a good place to start... where I feel we all do, with a personal guide.

Let me also say that in my experience, deceased relatives are not guides.

They may come through and love you, but you have a guide from the moment you are born or before that is dedicated to your growth, and a deceased relative has a different relationship with you than that. They may come around and we can find comfort in that, but let's just say that they're two different channels on your TV. 

And I think there are many, as there are many colors of a rainbow... we have deceased relatives, spirit guides, angels.  When I am doing psychic readings, it's a whole different channel than when I am chatting with a deceased relative or channeling spirit. This you will see for yourself as your skills progress.

OK so back to the Qs... Here's how we connect:

We access that place in our energy field, we increase our energy and merge with that energy of our guides. So step one, knowing where they are, knowing where to focus your energies is the place to start. That's the only active thing we do, then we receive them.

We are open receptors... we hand over control and just have faith that they will answer their telephone! And they do, but you have to give them space, give them enough room to increase their energy and send thoughts back to us through our energy field.

We'll do this in a bit first let me get to the pesky trust issue.

WE ALL think we're making it up when we first connect. We just don't know what it 'feels' like. The only way you do is to quiet that mental brain down enough to at least receive the message. That's why we have notebooks, because notebooks don't lie.

I know, I was there, the "Oh, I'm crazy, this doesn't make any sense." You know what I used to tell my friends when I'd give them readings, that I was making it all up! Until things started coming true... until I started realizing that that's what it felt like to get connected to spirit, it feels like you're making it up.

So if you feel like you're making it up-then you're connecting!!

Suspending your disbelief is an exercise, learning to trust is a skill, and they just don't happen like "POOF." Take it slow, give yourself 10% trust, "well, OK this is the message I got, and if I were to believe it, I would do this (what ever it is) so let me do it and see what happens."

Unfortunately--no magic here, just hard effort on your part to change your habits from thinking no, to thinking yes.

A few tips before we dive into our exercise:

Don't try so hard,
Don't let your mind wander,
Don't judge a message (at least until after your done writing it down).  Suspend all judgments!
Don't think your crazy!

What we're doing to do is, close our eyes (NOT YET!) focus on that spot in your energy, right around your body, activate that spot, send our question up there/down there where ever there is, and listen-- and you will hear/feel a bunch of words, or several words, like a train, just write down the first few words you feel and more will be there and before you know it you'll have a sentence or two or three, but the key is you MUST start writing the first few words or the train has no where to go.

You're taking dictation from the universe while being in a passive receiving place. Again--no thinking involved!

Before we started, I have a few messages I've received in the past for clients that I thought I'd share.

With these examples you can see how that the words flow, that they're saying something specific, poetic. You can see when the message comes up that there's a stream of words that flows in a very poetic way, this is not my writing style. When you open up to guides, it is their style.

Here is the first example:

<i>You are wonderful, but you must not get too caught up in definitions, defining things a certain way--thinking too much. Critical judgment is the place of the mind, and not the heart. Joy resides in the heart. Love, healing, kindness, you can only experience the laughter of children through the heart. So forget what you think and feel what you know--feel your spirit powerful, strong and awake within you--realize that nothing else matters. Expressions of the soul are only limited by the mind--shutting it off is good for you!</i>

That is the type of messages you can receive from spirit.

Some of you may get this right now, and some may have to work at it, by starting with a sentence or two, but I tell you, once you start a dedicated notebook to this, by the end of it you'll be channeling at will. OK Ill show you a shorter message example.

<i>You can't be too many things to too many people, you just end up exhausted. They're never happy anyway. Pull back and let go--teach them that you are no longer available, that they need to do things on their own or find someone else to rely on.</i>

Opening up and merging with spirit is the easiest of the communication skills. Then comes mediumship, psychic ability, etc. When you do this, become a passive channel, your mental brain is shut off, you are focusing on that part of your body where they are coming through and writing it down. Then let yourself write messy, spell incorrectly, whatever, just don't stop the flow. OK now I show you an example of an intricate message!

<i>Don't get paralyzed over choices. Don't be overly concerned that there is a right and wrong way. Or that there is only two ways. There is no punishment for making a choice and living your life. You can really embrace your creativity and abundance by knowing your power to make a choice. To feel empowered by the ability to choose for yourself. By being overly concerned with the 'what ifs,' fears and consequences, you become paralyzed and disconnected from the power to be fully present. Be gentle and kind to yourself as your new life unfolds, be vigilant in protecting the spirit within. Embrace all of who you are. Do not listen to naysayers and people who are handcuffed by fears, doubts and limited thinking.  If they continue to choose limitation in their own lives, that's up to them. As you choose abundance, creativity and faith, a whole new world is unfolding before you. Trust and know who you are, trust and know you are moving in the right direction. The rest will take care of itself.</i>

OK so today we are choosing to let go of any preconceived notions that we aren't born with this ability... we're releasing any doubts, fears. We are suspending our disbeliefs, judgments, etc. because today is the day that YOU are communing with spirit!

Before we start, let me remind you of my short cut to rewiring your brain... if during this exercise you think, I'm not sure I'm getting anything, then tell yourself, 'OK I don't exactly know if I've got it, but if I were getting it, what would I hear?  What would I want to write down?  If I were getting it, what message would my guides have for me?

OK ready?  Here we go... have your note book out, and your question written down, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes when you are ready and comfortable... we'll all be here when you open them... don't be concerned about missing anything...

Activate your energy field... where's the guide... identify... thank them! 
Ask them to magnify their energy to be easy to hear... 
send your question with complete faith... 
send it again if you wish... 
and then within seconds, moments, you'll feel something... write it down!

When it stops you'll know it, it just stops. I'll do the same and I'll be back in a minute!

OK, before I ask you how you did, let me type in what I just got!

<i>Alleluia! The spirit sings and tonight we are heard! The gentle tunes we sing to you night and day are making their way into your hearts and souls! Joy into every cell of your being! We love being recognized and heard. When you have opened up your eyes to see this whole new world, lack and limitation disappear, abundance is everywhere. Oh joy!  We love you all so much!!</i>

OK so you might guess that felt like a multi-dimensional chorus of spirit greeting us! I hope you all had a wonderful experience as well. Let's open it up to questions, as I'm sure you have some now that you've tried this, let's first stick with Qs that are relevant to the process. At the end, we'll share our messages, when we open it up to everyone, I'd love to read some of them.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Great, Stacey...we have some questions for you...


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey...the first question is from MARIELU77:

(marielu77)  Are guardian angels your spirit guides?

(StaceyWolf) I see them as interchangeable. They're different energy but they serve the same purpose as I see it, I prefer not to get too caught up in definitions. People like to do that, they have whole scenarios of how things work--but that's a sure sign of mental brain!

(marielu77) Thank you Stacey.

(StaceyWolf) Your welcome, next?


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey...the next question is from RAINBOW_CONNECTION:

(RainbowConnection) Why don't guides protect me from lower level entities?

(StaceyWolf) OK that's a loaded one... sometimes it's up to us to do some homework--stay with me as I try to explain. Yes there are negative entities but I think we can take some responsibility in figuring out what fear/issue we have/what energy are we sending out that is attracting and keeping these energies around us.

Now I know I've experienced dark stuff, as I'm sure we all have, but don't answer the phone! There is no reason to keep fighting with these dark and light forces, keep working on yourself... work on being at peace in the core of your being. 

Find a good meditation teacher, learn some good Hindu or Buddhist chanting, it's cleansing for the soul. We do not have to be available just because we open up to spirit.
A good way to use the protection, if you're not feeling it strongly enough, is to ask for a new guide, or ask for your guide to magnify so that you may feel his/her presence, and then actively put it in between you and the place you are feeling is unsafe.

I hope that answers this question, I think I could explain this entity thing all night, but suffice it to say, not all of us deal with that and if not all of us deal with it, that means you don't have to either. I have a great 'fears and beliefs' exercise in 'Psychic Living,' and on my website, it's a good place to start cleansing. Any other questions relevant to the process?

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) yes. Stacey...the next question is from RED:

(Red)  Hi Stacey, what a pleasure to be with you here tonight. My question is...is this a form of automatic writing?

(StaceyWolf) Yes and no. I don't like the term automatic writing because it implies that we are somehow so deep in some altered trance state' that we just wake up and words are on the page. This is a passive exercise but we don't leave our bodies, we may feel spacey, but that's it...

(Red) thank you!!

(StaceyWolf) ...and it's much easier than waiting for some force to take over your body, and you get the same good info. It's your guides way of using your brain and your language to compose sentences and communicate in a way that we can completely understand. Let me say something else...you know when you are connecting with your guides when its nice stuff... not dark, not negative, not telling you what to do, it's reminding you of 'who' you are, a gentle nudge.

(Red) words came so fast, it was hard to keep up with the writing.

(StaceyWolf) Yes! You've got it!

(Red) more guidance... yes exactly.

(StaceyWolf) It's empowering and inspiring, not limiting and negative--I know you've got this down; this is for those who might've been wondering! You're good Red, you don't
need any help!

(Red) thank you so much!!  Bless your heart.

(StaceyWolf) Any other Q's about process before we do a few messages?


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey...the next question is from JACKI:

(jacki) During the exercise, my pen went wild... there was no direct answer, lots of circles and lines up and down. Is this typical, what does it mean?

(StaceyWolf) Wonderful! Let me tell you another story. When I first started I was extremely hesitant, so I would refuse to write down what I heard in my head, and I had a notebook in my bed, and I'd get words like a ripe tomato and I just had to write. They were old English gibberish--it's like, wait--you're waking me up for that?! SO however you start is how you start, you'll end up very quickly receiving the good stuff...

(jacki) It felt a little scary to me, thank you for responding.

(StaceyWolf) ...so next time you try this, tell them you're ready to graduate to some words and see what happens. Scary it is and so circles was the perfect way for you to start!

(jacki) I will , thank you.

(StaceyWolf) If you channeled War and Peace you might've passed out! Next time...

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) lol

(StaceyWolf) It's totally not me, cannot take any credit for this funny stuff. Next question?


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey...the next question is from DOGKISSES:

(dogkisses) Hi Stacey. Nice to meet you! Please, I would like whatever spirit guide would like to share with me tonite? Thank you.

(StaceyWolf) If you start out slow, it doesn't mean it's never going to happen. Just as love starts with a few words, a first date, and builds slowly, so your relationship with us can build and grow over time. Please be vigilant about sitting down at the same time each week to join us in spirit.

(dogkisses) Thank you...does this seem to be happening soon?

(StaceyWolf) Carve out the time in your schedule and keep the date.  Don't disappear--we know where to find you!  We're always with you, but if you don't listen, we can't help.
Why don't we do a few more channeled messages, Cammy?

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) sure

(dogkisses) thank YOU Stacy.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey...the next question is from SHY:

(shy) I was wondering if it was my spirit guide who spoke to me the day I found my husband or who was it?

(StaceyWolf) Hold a sec--let me get back to dogkisses for a sec, let me just say that they're taking about your relationship with your guides, not a man, but I was getting the impression that you were hiding from him, too, but that that's a story for another day, OK on to shy.

(shy) hi Stacey

(StaceyWolf) I'm thinking, hearing that it was a group of beings.

(shy) What do you mean?

(StaceyWolf) For your guides, his guides, the idea that you needed special help, to be surrounded by like a football team of love, but your guides were among...

(shy) so what they said is true.

(StaceyWolf) I don't know what they said to you then, but what I hear is that you had a special group of support, to assist you in grieving/processing.  I'd trust what ever they said, I feel like it's true. Any other Qs?


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey...next is DAVEK:

(davek) Dave K.

(StaceyWolf) Oh you are funny Dave, I like your energy, it's sensitive, sweet, compassionate. Ok. hold a sec... They say:  stop playing games with yourself and start acting on some of the things you know to be true. (This is funny) they say, 'You are worse than the women!  Mulling things over, thinking about the path, trying to talk yourself out of it, just go for it--you KNOW the right path!' Cryptic... but that's what I heard!  Funny guides.

(davek) ok. Thank you Stacey.

(StaceyWolf) They pester you, nice relationship they have with you. Listen more, you might end up with a comedy routine or some funny article or something. Another one Cammy?


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey... next is ROSARIO:

(Rosario) Hello Stacey!

(StaceyWolf) You are precious inside but somehow your gentle, kind spirit has been hidden under a blanket of defenses. We wish for you that you allow your light to shine through for all to see...

(Rosario) Yes...

(StaceyWolf) ...now one can hurt you anymore, by sharing your light with others...

(Rosario) Oh, I see...

(StaceyWolf) ...you are showing them the gentle guidance of spirit, you have so much to give, don't wear a layer of clothing that doesn't fit...

(Rosario) Oh, my goodness...perfect.

(StaceyWolf) ...anymore, go out on a limb and shed that first layer, through your tears you will find the strength and will you never realized you have! Good luck Rosario, I know you'll do this and find your aliveness! Next?


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey... next is FRENCHROSE:

(FrenchRose) Hello Stacey :-) If the guides are willing... a message please... Love and Light and thank you for this opportunity... 

(StaceyWolf) FrenchRose!  What a beautiful way of dancing through life, sashaying to the beautiful music, silent to others! And you are a joy to behold, bringing peace to chaos, showering others with joy-- we wish you to keep reading, keep dancing, keep singing, keep up your big adventure- that you keep exploring the depths of your being and find the hidden jewels--there are more than you know!

(FrenchRose) Thank you for this blessing of communication - from you and from them... :-)

(StaceyWolf) I feel like I should say the hardships are over, but I think you know that already! You are a blessing! A walking blessing! Next?


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey...the next question is from JAY:

(Jay) -) Hi Stacey.... can I get a message from my spirit guide? Thanks.

(StaceyWolf) Such a complicated fellow, doing the right thing shouldn't take this much effort! Being kind is the only thing God asks; you do not have to heal the world. Be at peace knowing there are many helpers to assist those in need, don't' take the world on your shoulders.

There is no need to carry the burdens of others, taking on others issues as your own. You are a wonderful conscious being, working hard to improve your world, add Teflon to your energy skin so that others can't sink their teeth and take something that doesn't belong. You know Jay; I think you'd like the book by Joe Vitale, 'The Attractor Factor.'

(Jay) Thank you so much .I sure will read it!

(StaceyWolf) Jay, you've got great ideas, you feel like a real entrepreneur, and a very self aware guy... Because, were' all wise! And we've all got great voices!


(StaceyWolf) Cammy, can we have people submit the channeled messages they received today? Maybe a few just to hear what other people got!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Sure, Stacey... If you want to quickly type in the message you received, do so now and we'll share it with everyone. Stacey...while they are typing in their messages...I'll share mine, if you want...haaa

(StaceyWolf) let's hear it!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) K. This is what I got, Never fear, Underdog is here. I have you with me, my heart. Love, me. haaaa

(StaceyWolf) That's great!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) I have funny guides, too, it seems. lol

(StaceyWolf) Well if they're serious they can be boring!  Always fun to have a laugh!! I get the impression that they'll tell you more later, when you don't have your eye on things...


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) k...I'll post a few others that are coming in too.

(StaceyWolf) Great, let's hear 'em!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Ok, here is one:

(lottie) Who are you to me?  Where there is light there is hope. Where there is sorrow there is joy.  I am light and love...my name is John.

(StaceyWolf) Perfect! SO beautiful! You can really feel the energy behind that, so simple yet so powerful! Good job!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) here is another one:

(tarotgirl) You are a fun and kind person. You deserve happiness. You need to care about others and help where you can. Don't just think about it, do it. You will feel better about you and your life. You want to help I know you do. Enjoy it. Do it love it. Be thankful for it. You need to help in order to heal. Keep at it and you will be happy.

(StaceyWolf) Wonderful! Just make sure you help the right people, and not just energy suckers!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) and another one... a Godsend for more than you know.

(becky) You need to find peace within yourself. You cannot find happiness until you find peace. Forgive yourself. Trust. Let go of anger. Loneliness will vanish. You will be happy soon. Behind you is much grief and despair. New beginnings await you. Tom supports you.

(StaceyWolf) Becky! That's powerful! Can I give you a mantra:  I am a peacemaker- And peace fills me!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) and another one for ya

(StaceyWolf) OK Cammy.

(rcknrbn) Your greatest gift is the flow of words and using them to make people understand.

(StaceyWolf) Great, I'd love to see how this notebook gets full with this flow of words!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) there is more if you'd like me to post them.

(StaceyWolf) sure!

(lilykate) We love you, we are here with you, and for you. Don't worry about the right and wrong of doing things, the method, we will inspire you, just as the angels do in your prayer work.  We are guiding you, trust us and keep in touch.

(StaceyWolf) Keep in touch, I love that! Very sweet--


(Ter) I hear a lot of static, but I feel a lot of energy.

(StaceyWolf) That's a great start, tell them to speak more clearly and in a stream, not all at once!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) ya want more?? haaaa

(StaceyWolf) Sure one more?

(ChrissyM) I asked what is it my guide is here to help me with...and he replied, that he is here to help me stay connected so that I can reach the next level... that I am so very close to. He also assured me he is here for my lifetime and I need not worry about abandonment.

(StaceyWolf) Great! OK I have a book for you ChrissyM--this is terrific! It's called, 'The Disappearance of the Universe' by Gary Renard.

(StaceyWolf) Talks about separation and abandonment in a way I've never heard before, I found it very liberating. Basically says it's a part of the human condition we have to heal.

Anyway Cammy, it's been a pleasure as always!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Stacey, as always, you have made this a truly incredible chat event. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. For more on Stacey Wolf, her work and her books visit her web site at: http://www.staceywolf.com  

(StaceyWolf) Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with me! This chat room is a very special place!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) BE SURE to check out Stacey's new meditation CD... you'll love it!!

(sunrise) Wow!!  ((Stacey)) such an exciting night...thank you so much for all the info & great readings.

(afire) That was absolutely wonderful, Stacey. Thank you!

(lilykate) Stacey, I love your sense of humor, especially in 'Psychic Living' and here tonight. I laughed out loud, thanks for the lessons and the laughs.

(DianeS) Thank you Stacey! You are awesome!

(megan) thank you Stacey...great night!

(jessie) Thank you Stacy

(dottie) OMG, Becky' your guide gave me a powerful message from my BF Tom that past.. Everything that your guide said to you I think was meant for me to hear!

(teelighted) Blessings!

(FrenchRose) Thank you to Ops for posting my question to Stacey, and thank you to Stacey for her generous response. :-)

(tx) Thanks you Stacey

(Shining_Star) Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.

(jenn) thank you Stacey, love and light.

(karimayos) Stacey, thank you for being so down to earth with your explanations. It's been a pleasure to join in tonite.  At least now I know I'm not crazy...lol ty

(Starbright) Thank you best wishes Stacey!

(shy) Thank you so much Stacey, you helped me so. ty

(berylt) God Bless

(ChrissyM) This was amazing...I am so glad I got to be here for this. I have channeled during this session like never before...NAMASTE'

(trueheart) that was excellent thank you Stacy and all.  Good night and God bless

(amanda) Thanks Stacey, many blessings to you.

(Spook) ((Stacey)) thank you.

(becky) Thanks Stacey

(ChrissyM) Good Nite all.... it's been a ONEderfull experience!!

(jacki) peace to all,  and thank you Stacey

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more on Stacey Wolf, her work and her books visit her web site at: http://www.staceywolf.com  


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