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CAMMY_WebAdmin: Helloooo everyone!! What a great group we have tonight. Thank you for being here!! Tonight we have back with us once again Crystal Expert JUDITH LUKOMSKI. Welcome back, Judith!!

JudithLukomski: Thank you!

CAMMY_WebAdmin: Especially in this year of 2012 we are all feeling ‘change’ around us. Change is constant; learning to adapt and thrive is essential! Nature holds a bountiful treasure chest of gems to help us in the process.  Each stone holds a unique resonance and energy.

Tonight Crystal Expert JUDITH LUKOMSKI will teach you how the mineral kingdom can assist you in every aspect of your life from health to wealth. Known as a practical mystic, Judith Lukomski is a sage, Compassionate Intuitive and renowned crystal expert.

She is the founder of the 'Crystal Energist Practitioner Program, co- author of Hay House publication 'Crystal Therapy,' and creator of the GEMS Success Strategies for Life Series! For more on JUDITH LUKOMSKI visit her web site at:  And now I give to you Judith Lukomski!!!

JudithLukomski: Thank you! It is truly a joy to be back with this amazing group! To begin our session, let's start with a prayer.

Relax, breathe in the light of the Divine as together we begin a crystalline journey of love. We give thanks for the opportunity to come together and share the grace of heaven and earth. We open our hearts to one another, holding the intention of peace for all.
We give thanks to the Divine, and so it is……

Cammy started the evening with change... It is a favorite subject and one I am sure everyone understands. Especially as the energies of 2012 introduce new dynamics to our lives. This is indeed a special time in history of humankind. We are engaged in creating a renewed world! How fortunate and blessed we are to be here!

I'll bet you have been feeling those new energies... perhaps a little tired, or relationships are shifting. Career interests have taken a new turn… This can be good news! We are becoming crystal clear in our vision. Personally, and for the planet.

Tonight, think about an area in your life that you are focusing on to bring forward your hearts desire. If your journal is nearby write it down... We'll be talking about several Crystal Friends that can assist and support your intentions. Clarity is key.

What change do you hold in your soul center?

Many of my clients have been asking about life direction. What to do? Centering is the first part of crystal therapy. Being clear in your focus. ‘Earthing’ is a wonderful way to start the process.

Mother Earth offers an amazing source of healing energies. You can access them by simply standing barefoot on the earth. There is a natural connection that flows from our
bodies into the earth and is returned to us.

Science has been proving this through several research projects which show the healing benefits for mind, body and spirit. When you walk upon the earth you are literally stepping on an infusion of crystal energy!

Quartz is the most abundant mineral throughout the world. It acts as a conduit
for your focused intentions and assists in manifesting dreams. There are several ways to use stones, from meditation partners to healing tools and talisman. 

One of the most powerful ways is to work with grids. You may already know of a few...
Stonehenge is one the most familiar, yet, perhaps a little large for your backyard...
not to worry. You can create your own!!

Grids combine stones and the art of placement. I also incorporate numerology. There is a power in the blend in addition using the aspects of heaven help too. For example, there is a new moon coming up this week. This is the perfect time to work on the intention of

Perhaps, you are interested in creating a new job opportunity. Write down exactly
what type of job you are creating. What will you be doing? What will the work environment be like? The people you are working with... Feel what that is like....

Select stones such as citrine, a beautiful gold stone, and tourmaline Typically it is black although there are many other shades. Add a few clear quartz stones, step out doors and create your grid.

One of the tips I have learned is to place the stones on a ‘natural’ tray so that you can easily find them in the morning. Once you have created the grid, placing the stone in a diamond shape as an example, state your intention and affirmation, ‘I enjoy my job’ is one sample, ’I am employed doing what I love’ is another. 

Be clear and specific as you invoke the energies of heaven and earth. To create your dreams most importantly, is to give thanks for what is already complete. The Divine will show you what actions to take to ensure that you achieve your dreams.

We are in the midst of great change and it requires that we also look to see how our talents, time and energy can assist the planet. Mother Earth is giving in so many ways
yet, she also needs our care. One of the greatest joys is seeing how communities can come together to assist.

When I was in Baltimore I worked with a great group who wanted to take the concepts of grid work further than our classroom. They began creating grids throughout the local parks infusing the intention of peace in areas that were having some difficult times. In doing so the group grew closer supporting one another and the area became more tranquil.

We can each make a difference. Awakening the crystal consciousness within aligns us to the earth and stars. We are similar in our structure.... We share the same core elements.
Awakening to this similarity further opens the gateway to One. Tapping into the treasures on earth provides a tool to assist in the shifts underway.

If you are finding it difficult to rest. Sleep can be elusive sometimes lol I've learned to travel with a sleep grid. Carrying a rose quartz or usually 4, along with a hematite. I place the stones in the corners of the room with the hematite (shiny gray stone) under the bed
and using a simple affirmation the room is anchored in love and sleep arrives. This grid is also very helpful for children.

In Feng Shui or the art of placement, the Bagua Map is often called the magic square. Using this format in conjunction with gemstones can amp up the process.

One the areas I am asked about most often is... romance. Placing a garnet or ruby in the far right corner of the room heightens the energies of attraction. Adding the romance grid outlined in Crystal Therapy is also a great way to add a spark.

The Universe supports our dreams. Mother Earth provides a treasure chest of gems to assist. From agates and jasper to diamonds and emeralds there are stones to help heal the body.

Watch and see what stones you are attracted to.... the angels will guide as your energy
attunes to the stones that are best for you at this time. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey and embrace the gifts that have been provided to us all! It is a magical journey of discovery!

Chart your personal voyage. Write down what stone you are attracted to and what is happening in your life. You will see the pattern emerge as you learn your personal
alignments and crystal connections.

There may be times when you are deeply connected to a stone and then one day you are finished. It is all part of the process. Often there is a need conscious or not for the energetic boost of stone until issues at hand are worked through.

One my clients wore a beautiful sapphire ring. Never took it off until one day, she spoke her truth and the energies working with the 5th (throat) chakra center were clear. Once the ‘conversation’ was complete, she did not feel compelled to wear the ring for several weeks. It was as though she was complete with and ring was a symbol of closure.

Her story is a wonderful reminder of how our inner guidance works in our lives. The gifts of heaven and earth are yours! Now it is time to discover your gifts and share them with the world! Wherever you are in life, prayer is a powerful guide and nature a nurturing gift.

Have fun discovering your personal power stone. Use it as a touchstone to remind you to take action and fulfill the promise of your dreams. The planet is renewing and we each have a vital role to play in the process. Honoring the earth and one another supports our vision of peace. It has been my honor to be with you this evening! Cammy, can we open it up for questions?

CAMMY_WebAdmin: yes!!

JudithLukomski: Thanks.... I was on a roll!

CAMMY_WebAdmin: lol...yes you were!


CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith, the first question is from Tyran:

Tyran: Are some crystals more powerful together, such as amethyst and rose quartz for love?

JudithLukomski: Great question!

Tyran: Hi Judith.

JudithLukomski: There is a synergy with certain crystals. However, each is powerful alone. The combination you mentioned speaks to spiritual love. Adding garnet or ruby would also add an element of passion. It depends on what you are creating as each stone has a unique vibration. Thank you for your question.  Many blessings.

Tyran: Thank you Judith

JudithLukomski: Welcome :) next....

- - - - -

CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith, the next question is from boydcreek:

boydcreek: Hi Judith. I have a azurite ring. What would be the best way to use it in my meditations or any spiritual work and/or improving myself?

JudithLukomski: Azurite is a beautiful blue stone, aligned most often with communication… and learning to have boundaries while speaking your truth compassionately. It is also aligned with Archangel Haniel. Who can assist you with
intuition. Thank you for your question. Next…

boydcreek: Thank you!

CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith, the next question is from spirit-merlin:

spirit-merlin: I would like to know what crystal to put by a computer so one does not get drained?

JudithLukomski: This is such an important topic!! Thanks for bringing it up tonight.
Black tourmaline is the best to deflect electronic energies. If you are on the cellphone
a lot carry a small tumbled stone too. Blessings! Next question.

- - - - -

CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith, the next question is from Caromar:

Caromar: Hi Judith! Very interesting conversation. I would like to know how do to find a local group I can join so we can make grids in our neighborhood.

JudithLukomski: Why can always start one!

Caromar: Great answer!

JudithLukomski: It is a great project for children too! Have fun!

Caromar: I'm not a leader by nature......but why not start now?

JudithLukomski: Thanks for bringing it up.

Caromar: My pleasure.

JudithLukomski: Keep us posted. Blessings!

Caromar: I will do that!

JudithLukomski: Next question.

Caromar: I work with children. How did you know? lol

JudithLukomski: :)

Caromar: Hugs!

- - - - -

CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith, the next question is from angelhumor1097:

angelhumor1097: Hello Judith. What are the best stones to help with addictions such as smoking and is there a grid that might help with such an issue?

JudithLukomski: Another great question. Sodalite is a wonderful stone to assist with addictions. Wearing it can be very helpful and serve a touchstone to help focus on what you desire not on what you don't.

angelhumor1097: Is wearing it better than a grid?

JudithLukomski: It is another way to work with the energy. You can still create a grid.
Quartz and amethyst would be good tools for the grid. Blessings to you!

angelhumor1097: Thank you so very much for answering my question. Love and Light to you.

JudithLukomski: Thank you! Next question.

- - - - -

CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith, the next question is from LunarKatt:

LunarKatt: Hi Judith! I have a collection of alot of stones given to me that are stored in a basket. I wondered if they could cause ‘energy chaos’ in the room they are displayed in?

JudithLukomski: No. Placing the stones together merges the energies. Clearing and cleaning them on a regular basis is very important. Thank you for your question.

LunarKatt: ty, that is very good to know.  Blessings to you too :)

JudithLukomski: Blessings. Next question.

- - - - -

CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith, the next question is from kathy1:

kathy1: should stones ever be smudged before use?

JudithLukomski: Thanks for bringing up the topic Kathy. Clearing stones prior to using
them is essential; smudging is one way. There are several others such as water, breath and intention.

kathy1: Do you think that is the best way?

JudithLukomski: It is a personal choice. And often depends on the situation and use.

kathy1: Thank you so much, I have enjoyed your talk.

JudithLukomski: You are most welcome. Thanks. Next question Cammy.

CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith, the next question is from Kepila:

Kepila: Hello! Do you have any input on Himalayan Salt? It feels very good to me and I immediately can taste the salt just by being in the room.

JudithLukomski: Hi Kepila. Himalayan salt has a soothing quality which helps to nurture and heal the body. It is great to use in cooking. I love the lamps because they clear the environment. Really nice for active family areas and meditation spots. Blessings.

Kepila: Thank you, I have enjoyed tonight!

JudithLukomski: Me too!


CAMMY_WebAdmin: Judith...that is all the time we have for tonight. THANK YOU so much for an amazing chat event. WE LOVE having you with us!!

JudithLukomski: Cammy, thank you and team.  Along with the entire community,

JohnsMa: (((Judith)))) thank you

CAMMY_WebAdmin: For more on JUDITH LUKOMSKI visit her web site at: And get her book ‘Crystal Therapy’ is AMAZING!!!

JudithLukomski: It is truly a joy to share with you. (((((to all))))


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