(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Good evening everyone! Welcome to a very special chat event. It is an honor tonight to have JVP here with us who will introduce to you our guest speaker. I will now turn it over to JVP....

(JVP) Several years back, I had the opportunity to see Dr. Wayne Carr on a television show discussing Remote Viewing. At the time, I did not know what Remote Viewing was, and was fascinated listening to him discuss it. Since that time I have had the wonderful opportunity to have him as a guest on my show BEYOND. Dr. Carr, is scientific, yet sensitive and in my book an expert metaphysician. It is with pleasure I bring him to you. Thank you Dr. Carr and WELCOME to our HOME!

(Wayne_Carr) Hello everyone! It's good to be here tonight. Thank you JVP and Cammy for having me. I would like to start by explaining just what remote viewing is. Remote viewing is a little different than what is normally thought of as psychic. In the 'loose sense', remote viewing is already done by all of us, especially natural psychics.

Remote viewing in the 'formal sense' means, you follow a specific sequence of activities. I like to think of remote viewing as a way of paying attention. It is also a way of deliberately forming intentions. When you remote view, you remote view something called a target. A target could be a person, a place, and an event in the past, present, or future. There seems to be no limitation as to what can, or cannot be remote viewed.

To start a remote viewing session you need to have a quiet mind, you need to be centered, and you need to be grounded. The practice of meditation can be a real aid to the practice of remote viewing. Remote viewing is also usually done blind, meaning that the viewer does not know what the target is until after the session. This is very important to remote viewing because the viewer does not want any preconceptions, or previous knowledge to interfere with his impressions of the target.

In this way, remote viewing becomes somewhat biased free, it makes remote viewing a wonderful journey into unknown territory. You never know what you're going to find and discover, when you finish a remote viewing session, you are then told what the target is, thus getting feedback so that you can improve your skills each time. Feedback is of utmost importance in remote viewing during the session, after you have allowed your mind to become quiet, you then form an intention out of that silence.

In some ways, remote viewing is the art of forming clear intentions. You will want to form a clear intention to be present at the target whatever it is, so you will begin to have impressions from the target. These impressions are usually sensory based (taste, textures, temperature, sound, smells). They begin in a fragmented way that makes no sense. This is as it should soon as the mind tries to impose order and logic on the remote viewing impressions, you stop remote viewing.

In the larger sense, remote viewing is a wonderful discipline for the mind, body and spirit. I like to focus remote viewing on what I call therapeutic target's. Therapeutic targets are events like 'one's birth', one's true nature, God, the Christ, the Buddha, one's death. It is better to begin with nuts and bolts targets that are easily verifiable that you can point at and look at such as the Eiffel Tower, the space needle, the Grand Canyon, etc.

I have found that viewers who do therapeutic targets even if they are longtime natural psychics and healers, can have the most profound experience of their life. As a psychotherapist in this greatly excites me, and I believe remote viewing can become a major therapeutic modality.

Remote viewing can also be great fun, because you can get an actual sense of being at the target.... this is called bi-location. For example, if the target is a waterfall, you can get a sense of hovering in front of the flowing water, hearing the roar, feeling the water droplets on your skin.... you can look up and see pine trees and a beautiful blue sky. You can move into the water and float in it if you please.

This may sound like Astral Projection to some of you, and it has similarities, but it is not necessarily the same. Remote viewing is structured to limit the effect of one's imagination, one's visualization so that one gets a much purer signal freer of distortions. A remote viewing session takes about an hour to do.... some sessions can take as long as three hours, so you can get a snowball effect as one psychic impression builds on another.

When you are completely bi-located, there is no other experience like it in the world. When you are completely by located in the presence of the Buddha energy, you can become intoxicated with bliss, or drop to your knees in tears of joy. Looking as a more 'practical' side of remote viewing, remote viewing can be used to locate missing people. We are currently working on locating a buried chest that was buried during the Civil War.

You can remote view future timelines for individual people to see their choice points, possible pitfalls and major life events. You can also remote view future timelines for groups as well as optimal timelines for groups and people. It is also possible to remote view silver and gold futures. This has been done successfully quite a few times. Of course this brings up the ethics and morality of the use of remote viewing.

I have found that there is no cosmic Gestapo that will interfere with using remote viewing to make money. It is basically the belief system of the viewer that limits, or enables their ability to use remote viewing. The basic ethics of remote viewing can be summarized as 'view unto others as you would have others view unto you'.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Haaa...I love that quote...Dr. Carr...we have some wonderful
questions ready for you, whenever you are ready.

(Wayne_Carr) Yes, I am ready.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The first question is from SPECTRA:

(Wayne_Carr) Hello Spectra.

(Spectra) Hi Wayne Carr...nice to meet you. Can a clairsentient individual be aware of someone doing remote viewing on them?

(Wayne_Carr) If they are in a state of quiet mind quite possibly. It is usually experienced as a gentle scan. If one is focused on something else it is probably not likely. I get a lot of e-mail from people who feel they are being remote viewed.

(Spectra) In the remote viewing, the person's energies are carried through?

(Wayne_Carr) Yes..... it also depends on one's intentions.

(Spectra) is possible then that a clairsentient individual could pick up on the energies of the remote viewer?

(Wayne_Carr) Absolutely, the most important thing is the intentions, and the attention of the person.

(Spectra) I see.....So basically, remote viewing is just a 'tool' that one can implement...but what really counts is the intention with the tool?

(Wayne_Carr) Correct, remote viewing is a tool, that can be used for bad or good. That's why teaching remote viewing requires an ethical responsibility. Our brains are tuned to intention, as soon as we intend we move to a quantum level.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr...The next question is from TOPAZ:

(topaz) Can dreams be a form of remote viewing?

(Wayne_Carr) Absolutely, dreams can be a form of remote viewing. Certain researchers have developed protocols for remote viewing while dreaming. This is a fascinating activity that I look forward to doing more of myself. Some researchers have a psychic night out once a week!

(topaz) I often times feel like I have been 'somewhere' while dreaming, but feel it is out of reach when I wake up.

(Wayne_Carr) That is why it is important to keep the dream journal and hold the intention to remember your dream before you go to bed. There have been some remarkable remote viewing sessions done in the dream state.

(topaz) Yes, I have been doing that the past couple of weeks and am making sense of things.

(Wayne_Carr) Good for you!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr...The next question is from JEANNIE:

(Wayne_Carr) Hello Jeannie.

(Jeannie) Hi... I know that remote viewing was first used by the military. Could it, or is it, still used today? For instance, could someone remote view Bin Laden?

(Wayne_Carr) The location of this person probably has been remote viewed. It is likely that our military, or our government, either directly or indirectly relies on remote viewing teams....

(Jeannie) Great! Thanks Dr. Carr.......

(Wayne_Carr) ...finding Bin Laden is not easy because, describing Hells caves
surroundings and desert will not necessarily help a person tell where he is. Your welcome Jeannie.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr...The next question is from DUSTBALL057:

(dustball057) Dr. Carr, you used the words 'natural psychics' when mentioning a specific sequence of events, for whatever the reason I pick up on illness sicknesses and the like of people that I do not seem to be close to, however, if I wanted to do a 'remote view of someone I am close to' how could I do this without bias, or preconceived impressions? The point of my view would be purely from a medical standpoint.

(Wayne_Carr) Hello dustball.

(dustball057) Hi Dr Carr.

(Wayne_Carr) There are specific medical protocols for medical remote viewing. It is best do not know 'who' or 'what' it is you are remote viewing. This can be done by creating a target pool with this view as three targets in it, that way if you pick randomly from the pool, you do not know which target is your viewing. The more blind you are, the better.

(dustball057) My intention is to be a liver donor for my brother. I wanted to see what I need to improve in myself for his betterment....

(Wayne_Carr) ...if your doing a medical target, chances are you'll be remote viewing person, but that is not too much help to know that.

(dustball057) seeing his liver...etc.

(Wayne_Carr) Remote viewing would be very appropriate to get information to help you make a choice. It is possible to see an individual organ, go inside it, check its health, its blood flow, and its future.

(dustball057) How can I improve my technique, odds?

(Wayne_Carr) It would be appropriate to do a timeline on the success of the liver transplant...

(dustball057) really?

(Wayne_Carr) yes

(dustball057) that possible for a amateur like me?

(Wayne_Carr) You might even make it a target 'what can I do to improve the odds of the transplant in being successful?'

(dustball057) Yes, exactly!!!

(Wayne_Carr) You have to learn remote viewing and reached a certain level of proficiency first.

(dustball057) k


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr...The next question is from FLOWING BREEZE:

(flowingbreeze) When you remote view, does your spirit leave your body to be in that situation you are viewing?

(Wayne_Carr) Hello flowingbreeze!

(flowingbreeze) Hi

(Wayne_Carr) That can depend on your intention, and the degree of 'target immersion'. When you remote view a target, part of 'view' is physically present at the target. This presence can be seen by other remote viewers who are also remote viewing the target.

(flowingbreeze) Should you have someone with you in case your organs slow down?

(Wayne_Carr) Could you rephrase the question?

(flowingbreeze) So are you on a spiritual realm? Do your body functions slow down when you remote view?

(Wayne_Carr) That might depend on what it is your remote viewing. The actual nature of the target has a lot to do with the experience of the viewer. Body functions would probably speed up if you were remote viewing a Super Bowl game...

(flowingbreeze) Oh, so your feelings on the subject will play a role?

(Wayne_Carr) Body functions do not slow down, unless you are doing remote viewing in a theta state.

(flowingbreeze) theta state?

(Wayne_Carr) A theta state is a slow brainwave state that borders on sleep. Some sessions are deliberately done from a theta any case, a Super Bowl game would likely affect the physiology of the viewer whether they were interested or not.

(flowingbreeze) Ok, thank you so much for taking my question.

(Wayne_Carr) You're very welcome.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr...The next question is from TELEQUA:

(telequa) Wayne ...whats the difference between controlled OBE to locations and Rv, and can Rv be used as a time travel device?

(Wayne_Carr) Hello Telequa!!

(telequa) Hi Wayne! Peace, inner light and balance to you.

(Wayne_Carr) Yes. RV can be used as a time travel device. RV can also be thought of as a highly controlled OBE. When your remote view however, you do not necessarily get an experience of leaving your body, the military viewers were not interested in leaving their body, but in gathering intelligence data.

(telequa) Can a person be involved in a different reality and theirs simultaneously, and leave their body? Isn't it the same thing?

(Wayne_Carr) I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a person involved in a different reality....

(telequa) Better yet, can a 'piece' of a person be at 'both places at the same time'?

(Wayne_Carr) ...that's what bi-location is.

(telequa) Different reality... as in this space and time, and time outside of our space....

(Wayne_Carr) When you remote view, you're entering a world beyond time space. You can also use other realities, or other dimensions as targets. They can be fascinating! Some of my most interesting sessions have been in exploring other dimensions. The problem is, there is no way to verify the accuracy of the impressions.

(telequa) ....and can a person from that 'other reality' exchange thoughts patterns with a RVer?

(Wayne_Carr) Guess that can be done, and is done. There are whole universes out there to explore. To me this brings up the importance of being grounded. You must be grounded if you are to venture to the strange places


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr...The next question is from TANYIA:

(TANYIA) If someone is using remote viewing for the wrong reasons is there a way to block it?

(Wayne_Carr) hello Tanyia!!

(TANYIA) hello

(Wayne_Carr) Unfortunately, the people in the military who have been doing remote viewing in the formal sense, for the longest time say there is no way to really block being remote viewed.

(TANYIA) Oh really!

(Wayne_Carr) The best protection is to stay centered grounded, and to practice

(TANYIA) I know I am being viewed... the person told me, and also told me what he saw.

(Wayne_Carr) Also as long as you keep your own intentions high, you'll not attract negative energy... remote viewing has not been risky business for myself or my students, although something negative is always possible.

(TANYIA) How scary.

(Wayne_Carr) You can try visualizing a reflective bubble around you that reflects everything back...remote viewers laugh the idea of putting white light around you, because that simply make it easier to find you!

(TANYIA) Thank you for taking my question.

(Wayne_Carr) You're welcome!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr...The next question is from LIN:

(lin) How does that theta state compare to a hypnotic state?

(Wayne_Carr) The hypnotic state and a theta state can be identical, it depends on the depth of the hypnotic state. It also depends on how you achieved the theta state. You can achieve a theta state during meditation which is very different than the theta state you go into before going to sleep when you go to bed.

(lin) ty. Does it depend on the degree of relaxation?

(Wayne_Carr) Yes it is also related to relaxation, if you are tense and your mind is busy, it will be very difficult to go deep.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr...The next question is from SAIDIE:

(saidie) I have read several books on remote viewing, all that are written by ex-military, but they are very scientific based and it makes it hard for good reading. Is there any not so scientifically based books you could recommend?

(Wayne_Carr) Hello Sadie!

(saidie) HI

(Wayne_Carr) A lot of people like 'Psychic Warrior' by David Morehouse...

(saidie) Thank you, I will look for that, as I find reading about protocols and so forth, very difficult and the terminology hard to understand.

(Wayne_Carr) ...he is the military remote viewer, but does not write in a scientific vein. Unfortunately a lot of scientific types love jargon! Remote viewing can be taught, I was at having to resort to that.

(saidie) thank you

(Wayne_Carr) You're welcome.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr, I know you are completing your own book titled “The Zen of Remote Viewing.” When will that be available?

(Wayne_Carr) In a year. I will put the time up on my web site, when it is more definite. In the meantime, you might read the single article on the remote viewing currently on my web site.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Dr. Carr that is all the time we have for tonight. What a WONDERFUL have really opened us up to new ideas.

(Wayne_Carr) Thank you, I love doing it!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more information on Dr. Carr and his work, visit both his
web sites at: and

Dr. Carr...THANK YOU so very much.... I hope you will come back again for another event.

(Wayne_Carr) You're welcome!!! I would love to.

(saidie) Thank you for speaking with us xox

(IRIS) Thank you Dr. Carr

(Mai) *stands and applauds* good special chat, enjoyed it…Thanks to Dr. Carr, the OPS, and JamesVP for this site.

(Cherael) Thank you Dr Carr for sharing this information with us and giving of your time. God Bless you

(POJO) Thank you for your time and knowledge, Dr Carr !!!

(topaz) Thank you, Dr. Carr!!!

(angelglow) Thank you Dr. Carr for sharing with us!

(shorty) TY Wayne Carr

(tanjeena) Very interesting.. Thank you, Wayne...Peace, light and love to all.. G’nite

(Barbara) Thank you Wayne Carr

(alma) TY Dr Carr

(JulieD) Thank you Dr Carr for a most interesting and informative night.

(Wednesday) Thank You Wayne Carr

(Shell_dp) Thank you very much Dr. Carr, it was very informative, looking forward to reading your book, Godspeed!

(Pamatu) Thank you Dr. Carr

(punkin) Thank you

(Twink) Thank you Dr. Carr

(Featherwind) TY Wayne

(brwneyedgurl) Thank you Dr. Carr

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(Radguy04) Thank U DR. Carr

(Inergi) Woot Thxs Mr. Wayne Carr I've enjoyed this

(Pink) thanks Dr. Carr!!

(Reese) thank you Dr Carr

(Wayne_Carr) You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome

(Barbara) interesting

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(telequa) enjoyed myself very much thank you Wayne

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(Levi) very interesting and informative Dr.Carr, thank you

(Wayne_Carr) you ain't seen nothing yet, keep inquiring!!

(angelo) thank you

(flowingbreeze) Thank you so much Dr. Carr, very interesting

(menlow) I enjoyed this Wayne, I have read your website. TY for seeing us thru

(dreamcatcher^1) thanks Dr. Carr, blessings for a great chat event.

(dustball057) Dr. Carr ty for coming, I will work towards finding a way to see the future of my brothers liver transplant....Blessings Be To You!

(Lightbringer) Thank you, Dr. Carr!

(brwneyedgurl) Dr. Carr how does simple meditating differ from RV?

(Wayne_Carr) I appreciate that very much

(M) Goodnight Everyone .....another excellent tool to use......and everyone
have a good week.

(Wayne_Carr) goodnight everyone

(POJO) I am off to see Dr W. Carr's website... Good night everyone....

(PMH) Thanks so much Dr Carr…it was very interesting!!

(Wayne_Carr) be sure in check out the web site

(Featherwind) Ok TY Dr. Carr

(kdb) I find it so fascinating. I wish I could do it!!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) also check out his other web site

(Jeannie) Great Event!! Dr. Carr....Thank you SO much for sharing tonight!! I agree with you re: Bubble/Mirrors...

(Wayne_Carr) you're welcome

(Spectra) Wayne Carr.....I want to thank you for answering my question.... I had thanked you, but it didn't go through...

(Inergi) I found this chat very interesting.

(Wayne_Carr) A big thanks to JVP!!

(Jeannie) Yes Dr. Carr....Thanks to CAMMY and JVP for having you here!!!!!!!

(Loodidoo) This was wonderful food for thought tonight --thank you so much

(Cherael) Thank you to Dr Carr, Cammy and all ops, I must go now, I want to peruse Dr Carrs' web sites before I get back to my packing God Bless {{everyone}} have a great day!

(Wayne_Carr) There are workshops available in medical remote viewing too.

(Doe-WA) Thank you Dr. reviewing the're workshops are
close to me....will check it out...Thanks again!

(Wayne_Carr) you're welcome.

(topaz) Dr. Carr - can remote viewing be done alone?

(Wayne_Carr) remote viewing can be done alone (solo session), it is better to learn using a monitor, however it is not necessary.

(IRIS) workshops ------where???


(Wednesday) Wayne know any centers in Manhattan for remote viewing, is it too difficult to learn through a book???

(Wayne_Carr) there are remote viewers in Virginia. I also do workshops in Manhattan, although none are up on the web page yet

(Wednesday) Thanks

(Peggy) Where in VA, Dr. Carr? I'm in Va.

(Wayne_Carr) the Monroe Institute, and the ARE.

(Peggy) Thank you!

(Levi) Dr. Carr, I just wanted to know if viewing stuff from 'inside of the object' is the same as remote viewing?

(Wayne_Carr) Viewing 'stuff from inside the object' is possible with remote viewing. You can remote view something from any angle.

(Levi) Dr.Carr, ok thanks!

(Reese) Dr. Carr, is it possible for an inanimate object to give off pictures of itself?

(Wayne_Carr) a lot of people are afraid of being an object of RV, but there are so many targets and so little time! Chances are you're not a target.

(Reese) thank you Dr. Carr

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more information on Dr. Carr and his work, visit both his web sites

(Loodidoo) Can you use telekinetics with RV?

(Wayne_Carr) Telekentetics and RV can be combined.

(Loodidoo) ty

(JulieD) Dr Carr thank you so much for tonight.

(Wayne_Carr) You're welcome.

(Wayne_Carr) Some instructor's invite people to remote view them!! Well goodnight for now, bye-bye!

(Pamatu) Bye Dr. Carr

(topaz) Goodnight, thank you so much

(Lightbringer) Goodnight, Dr. Carr! Thank you!

(Deelight) Good night, and thank you very much

(lcl4596) Thanks, Dr. Carr

(Levi) Goodnight and good journeys Dr.Carr


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