(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Good evening everyone!!! And what a special evening it will be, too, for tonight we are blessed to have with us, once again, a very SPECIAL friend... Animal Communicator, Jacquelin Smith. Welcome Jacquelin!

(jacquelin) Thank you, Cammy and James, for having me here!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) In August 2002, Jacquelin Smith shared a chat event with us for the first time on “How to Communicate with Your Animals” and it was wonderful. You may read a log from that chat event on the CHAT LOGS page of this web site...I highly recommend it.

Tonight, Jacquelin will share with us what is on a lot of our minds as loving, caring pet people, “What Happens When Animals Cross Over Into The Light.” Jacquelin writes a bi-monthly column, 'Animal Communication,' for Fate Magazine. Many enjoy her booklet, 'Talking With the Animals' as well as her audiotape, 'Telepathic Communication With Animals.'

In 1998, Jacquelin introduced The Divine Prayer Line For Animals on her web site which prays for animals all over the world. For more information on Jacquelin Smith and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.jacquelinsmith.com

And now, I give to you, the wonderful and loving Jacquelin Smith....

(jacquelin) Welcome, everyone, to tonight's talk. I feel honored to share with you all I have learned during the last 20 years about animals crossing over into the Light. Death is like walking through a doorway. It is a transition. When an animal is ready to die, I often communicate with them to help them make a smooth transition.

I have found that animals I communicate with in other dimensions, seem to rapidly attune themselves to their new environment with assistance from the angels and loved ones who are in the light, whose mission it is to help 'new arrivals' adjust. Prayers also help an animal friend to make a smoother transition.

Animals let go of our influence shortly after leaving their bodies. Yet they too have to deal with their own patterns and perceptions, and review the life they've just lived. An animal spirit uses their most recent personality to communicate with so they can be recognized. The loss of an animal can be devastating. It's easy to become dependent on an animal for fulfilling our needs.

Animals greet us joyfully at the door when we come home, listen to our woes, love us no matter what we say or do, and are loyal, constant companions. When Chloe, my cat companion of 22 years, died of old age, I was devastated. As she was dying I held her, and as she left the body she communicated this message to me, "I'm up here floating just above the ceiling, not in the body. I'm okay. Look at the light, all the angels, feel their love, hear them singing. I'm joyful to be out of that body... No more pain. Celebrate!' And the room literally filled with light.

Even though I was grateful Chloe was out of pain and happy winging her way into the light, I was in deep grieving. She communicated from her soul that both of us would be okay and we'd go on, and to remember that death never separates us from love. After Chloe passed over I did a meaningful ritual to honor her life. Hopefully, these suggestions might help you.

I lit a candle and burned incense, I wrote a letter to her, thanked her for the lessons she had shared with me, and read the letter to her out loud. Then I put on some of her favorite music and read a poem. In this way I felt I honored her life in a meaningful way. I always say prayers for animals crossing over into the Light because, the power of prayer helps their soul to continue on its journey in a smooth way.

An animal will cross over when his or her soul, decides their mission has been completed. One evening, I visited a very sick baby gorilla who was receiving special care at a children's hospital. When I rocked him in my arms, he'd cry in pain. Telepathically he said, "I'm going to die within the next few days... 3 days later he died... I heard his soul say, "My purpose here was bigger than what it seemed on the surface. I was here to teach humans about the similarities and differences of other forms of life. We hurt and laugh and cry just as they do." This young gorilla lived his short life literally in the midst of humans who cared about his welfare.

Beings that existed in animal form communicate various messages to me after leaving their bodies. Some telepathically convey why they lived in particular circumstances, or may mention qualities they reflected to their people. Others tell why they died, or why they chose a particular species and body form to live in.

A number of animals describe their experiences about the different dimensions, and also offer insight into important spiritual ties they've had and have, with their person companion through many lifetimes. A woman's companion dog, Lucky, was euthanized because of a terminal illness. She wanted to know what he wished to communicate from his spirit. "I know what you did was one of the hardest things you've ever had to do. My message is one of love, and my hope is you will release the guilt about the way my life ended. I felt joyful about leaving my body because I was in pain. Thank you for comforting me as my life ended. "I am enjoying zooming through walls! There is no heat or coldness where I am."

Tod, who was a wise healer, had a tumor. I had communicated with him for months about how his body felt. Within a short time after leaving his body, he bounced in front of me, a puppy again, and said, "I'm out of my body -- look at me! I'm hovering, glad to be out of pain. I can breathe! Praise the Creator! I see the Creator and all the angels. The angels are welcoming me home. They communicate, "We've missed you." "My person and my brother cat are crying. I don't want them to be sad, but happy. Rejoice, I'm free."

I watched the angels embrace Tod with brilliant white light and love. I heard them singing as they were healing his etheric bodies from his earthly visit. Tod and I had become very close. He had been my human son in another life. So Tod's person, brother, and I wept, because we missed him, yet celebrated his joy in the light. After all, our real home is in the Light surrounded by the love of our Maker.

Tandy - Andrea called me to communicate with her cat Tandy, who had crossed over. T had this to say to Andrea: "I'm around the house. I visit early in the morning while you're in bed and when you retire. I realize you don't see me, but I certainly know you feel me. And I still enjoy being in the kitchen. I hear what you say to me. I understand your vibration that goes far beyond words people mutter. I enjoy being in the light.

"My body was very tired, and when I left it I felt much more alive. I like being around you even though I'm not in the body anymore. I come and go. Without the body, it's easy to travel wherever I wish. I'm happy and free, healing. Thank you for your love. My life with you was restful." Andrea had been feeling Tandy's presence. Tandy ended by saying, "The bodily form isn't what's most important, but the expression of each being's soul. The love." We were deeply moved by her communication.

A woman called me from Maine to communicate with her collie, Thomas, who had just passed over. Thomas wanted me to tell his person that he would let her know that he was alive and well within a day. She called me the next evening, saying that when she got home from work, a photograph of Thomas, which had been sitting on the mantel, was lying on the floor.

Another woman's cat, with whom I had communicated about moving into the light, made a dramatic exit. As the veterinarian was euthanizing her, her spirit shot out of her body and through a dolphin light-catcher hanging in the window, which fell and shattered. Mary's cat told me he was tired and sick and wanted to go rest in the light. Not long after he died, she heard a flapping of wings behind a window shade at the place where her cat used to sleep on a chair. She pulled up the shade and there was a black and yellow butterfly--from where? Perhaps a visitation?

After Chloe died, many nights I would hear her pawing the cat litter, and feel her literally padding her way across my bed. My sheets moved with her every step and pounce. These are not uncommon occurrences after an animal moves into the light. They want their people to know they're alive and well. Animals will also come to you in dreams. Chloe still visits me in many dreams and it is always wonderful. I'm ready for questions.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the first question is from MIMI:

(mimi) Do they look out for us after they pass on?

(jacquelin) Yes. They will often guide us in our lives.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the next question is from AMBER ROSE:

(AmberRose) What happens to animals that are put down.......and do they forgive their humans?

(jacquelin) Animals who are put down cross over like all other animals, and there is nothing to forgive. They understand we are trying to do what's best and most loving for them.

(AmberRose) What if it is because you can't keep them anymore and they are not ill?

(jacquelin) When animals move into the Light, they see things from a higher perspective and there is always forgiveness.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the next question is from BOO_BOO:

(boo_boo) Do our pets really come to us when we pass please Jacquelin?

(jacquelin) They are waiting for us when we cross over. The soul is vast and can be waiting there to greet us, as well as be around us and be living another lifetime, because the soul is multi-dimensional.

(boo_boo) Thank you jacquelin, that is lovely to know.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the next question is from LACEY:

(Lacey) Are animals multidimensional beings like humans? I ask this because I believe that the spirit of a boxer that transitioned in the early 90's is now returned in one of my present dogs. Yet, I still communicate with the 'boxer' spirit... Is this possible?

(jacquelin) Yes. Soul is soul.

(Lacey) Thank you Jacquelin.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the next question is from TRACEY:

(Tracey) I would like to communicate with a dog I lost as a child, the pain has been with me all my life. How should I go about it and how will I know there is communication?

(jacquelin) If you sit and relax and open your heart and ask the spirit of the animal to come, you will be able to hear, or sense or feel their presence. And whatever message they might convey. This may take a little practice, but don't give up! It's time to let go of the pain, is what I'm hearing from your dog. Release him into the Light. Remember he's always with you in your heart.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Tracey...I highly recommend you read the chat log from Jacquelin's previous chat event with us in August 2002...was on how to communicate with your pets and she gave great information.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the next question is from DEBI^i^:

(Debi ^i^) Is it possible for an animal to be a kindred or soulmate to humans??

(jacquelin) Yes. It is possible

(Debi_^i^) I feel my dog was, and I put her down at 18....was she mad?

(jacquelin) For an animal to be a soulmate--remember, soul is soul, no matter what kind of body it has chosen to live in. As I mentioned, the animals understand that we are trying to do what's in their best interest.

(Debi_^i^) It devastated me and that's been 10 yrs and I still miss her. Any words from her to me?

(jacquelin) No, your dog is not mad.

(Debi_^i^) k

(jacquelin) Thanks.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the next question is from COLORADO LADY:

(coloradolady) I euthanized my pet Cinnamon yesterday. She was 17 and I had her since birth. My question, is my dog with me now, or does it take awhile?

(jacquelin) Yes, she is with you and she will be around you for quite awhile. She wants you to know you did the best thing possible for her under the circumstances, and she thanks you.

(coloradolady) Her death is killing me....I am having a very difficult

(jacquelin) Sorry for your loss. I know it's hard and takes time to grieve and move on. Remember that she IS alive and well, on the other side. She is simply out of the body. It's hard because we're left here to grieve, but give yourself time and be patient with yourself. My prayers are with you.


(jacquelin) Cammy - should we go to the readings?

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Yes...of course. Jacquelin...the next question is from

(Donna_L) May you please tell me about my dog Scotch, did she have any thing to say to me before or after I put her down this week?

(jacquelin) She wants to thank you for the wonderful life you gave her, and for you to be at peace with how everything went. It's okay, she keeps saying to me....and that you need to get some rest!

(Donna_L) Was she upset about leaving?

(jacquelin) No, she was ready. Animals leave when their mission is done.

(Donna_L) How much pain was she in.... before she left her body?

(jacquelin) She was in enough pain that she was ready to go. So be at peace.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the next question is from SALLY_TAG:

(Sallytag) I had a dog that died, named Sandy. A puppy who was 4 years old when passed. I would like to communicate if possible.

(jacquelin) She wants you to know that even though she was not here a long time, that she felt she lived a full life, and is grateful to you for all the joy that you brought to her life. She's at peace on the other side......

(sallytag) I would like to know how she died, and if she suffered.

(jacquelin) .....and is romping through fields, having a great time.

(sallytag) ....we just found her dead, after being gone for 2 days.

(jacquelin) I feel like her passing was quick maybe hit by a car. I do not feel she suffered much. Remember, she is at peace now.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin...the next question is from LOLA:

(Lola) Bianca. Mouse. Approx 1 and a half years old when she passed.

(jacquelin) What a delightful being! She has a big soul and brought a great deal of healing light into your household. She wants to thank you for giving her such a good life.

(lola) thank you

(jacquelin) You're welcome.


(jacquelin) Thank you all for being here tonight. I hope this has helped you to better understand that your animal companions live on in the Light.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Jacquelin thank you sooo much!!! It was incredible to have you with us again.

(jacquelin) Thank you! I love being here.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more information on Jacquelin Smith and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.jacquelinsmith.com and be sure to join her Divine Prayer Line for Animals on her web site. It works miracles

(Sage) Thank you...Jacquelin.

(NYlight) Thank you Jacqueline.

(windwisper) thank you jacquelin but my heart still feels like it was ripped out. I miss her so much.

(Cherael) Thank you so much for your time, and greetings from Adelaide Sth Australia.

(menlow) Jacquelin. Thanks so much...you bring incredible light.

(sandangel) Thank you Jacquelin.

(Lea) Thank you so much.

(JulieD) Thank you Jacquelin, a great night and such lovely energy from the animals that have joined with us.

(Neelybrady) Thanks

(Echo) Bless you Jacquelin

(shaylene) Yes Thank you Jaqueline you have helped me a lot where I had to let go of a rescue and wondered if she ever truly forgave me, I have some peace now. Thank you.

(PMH) Thanks Jacquelin for a lovely evening!

(lola) mahalo nui loa, thank you very much, Jacquelin.

(Inertial_Light) Thank you Jacquelin. Bless you!

(barbo) Thank you.

(Inergi) Thanx so much Jacquelin I learned much. God Bless you for your work. I looked at your site. Do u have any books to teach how to chat with animals?

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Inergi...yes Jacquelin has a booklet and an audio tape about how to communicate with animals...see her web site for info.

(jennifer) thanks

(teesee) thanks Jacquelin

(mikontz) Thank you Jacquelin !!!

(Laughingwater) Thank you Jacquelin :)

(Lougres) Thank you Jacquelin, this was a great session!

(lovie) Thank you for helping us understand our beloved animals.

(pamdepaix) Thank you Jacquelin, what you're doing is totally wonderful.

(Rason) Thank you Jacquelin!

(spice) thank you ((jacquelin)))

(lcl4596) Peace and Light, Jacquelin

(Twink) Blessings and thanks Jacquelin!

(Libby) thank you Jacquelin, thanks for your wonderful work!

(Lacey) A million Thank You's Jacquelin

(christine) thank you

(cathy) Thank you so much.

(Sam) Thank you so much, I shed many tears during this chat, good memories, and peacefulness.

(Jeff) I learned a lot! :0)

(fairychele) thank you:)

(sarava) Thank you, Jaqueline, may the Creator bless you for this wonderful work! bye! from Brazil

(angelo) Excellent program! Thank You!

(sonny) Thanks for your guidance and your info re: a ritual to honor our beloved pets.

(Crystal_Reflection) Thanks, Jacquelin. Hope my pet made a showing somewhere here tonight. :)

(topaz) Thank you Jacquelin - you would have loved my Tobi!

(Annie_G) All the best to everyone--animal people are the best!

(coloradolady) Thank you for your words of comfort. Losing a special pet is the most heart wrenching thing there is....thanx

(jade) Thank you Jacquelin,

(Peggy) thank you jacquelin!

(jacquelin) Thank you all!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more information on Jacquelin Smith and her work, please visit her web site at http://www.jacquelinsmith.com Please visit JVPs Message Board where there is a special area for Loss of Pets or Memorials you may leave regarding your pets.


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