Leo – King of the Zodiac

Barack Obama, Madonna and Tom Brady are accomplished, dynamic, and possess an undeniable star quality. Is it a coincidence that they were all born between July 23rd and August 22nd – under the astrological sign of Leo?

Just as the majestic lion claims the title “King of the Jungle”, Leo is considered to be King of the Zodiac. Born in the heat of the summer, Leos are ruled by the sun – the source of light and life at the center of the universe. Your typical Leo naturally seeks out the spotlight, jockeying to be the center of attention in any group. Competitive in work, sports and even relationships, they use their considerable creativity and energy in their quest to be number one.


What I love about Leos! 

Leo is more than just an attention seeker. Although attracted to fun and excitement they also have a serious side. Those born under the sign of the Lion value loyalty highly, and are more than happy to give it back in return. Never willing to accept being second best, they will work tirelessly to rise to the top of their field. Likable Leo is large hearted, open minded and generous, and sought after as a friend and a mate.


The dark side. 

Like every sign, Leo sometimes exhibits traits that can be challenging to themselves and others. Under their confident exterior they are vulnerable and easily embarrassed. Although usually direct and straightforward, their desire to be liked can tempt them to tell people what they want to hear. Leo can also be vain, self-absorbed and overbearing  – and it’s not unusual for a Leo to get a well-deserved reputation as a drama queen!


Leo in love.

Because they are so self-assured, Leo can come across as cocky when entering into relationships. The positive is that there are no head games played by the Lion. What you see is what you get – Leos won’t be shy about letting you know if they are interested.

Trust is the key to a successful long-term relationship with a Leo. Though their hidden insecurities can cause them to be jealous and possessive, if they feel secure in the loyalty of their mate they will be endlessly loving and supportive in return.


Likes and dislikes. 

Leos love excitement, and are not adverse to risky ventures. They’re attracted to luxury and lavish living, and have no problem creating a little drama to get the attention they crave.

If you want to make a Leo a friend for life, just shower them with praise and admiration – and keep it coming! Their breezy confidence can erode quickly if they are criticized or ignored.

Leos have a hard time with boredom and routine, and are not happy being told what to do. People who are narrow minded and thrifty are frustrating to the Lion.

Of course, the sun sign is only one dimension of anyone’s astrological chart. Different planetary influences can temper Leo’s personality and behavior. Share you observations about the Leo in your life on my Facebook page!

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