Skeptics, Science and Spirituality

For years now, I and fellow contemporaries have been the target for those self entitled “skeptics” who love to yield their self-inflated opinions about our work (none of them have even personally known me) and have relegated their personal opinions by labeling us as “woo-woos” or “new-age gurus.”  Rational thought, intellectual conversation and stimulating debate have been reduced to name calling and hostile, militant actions on the internet which they call “guerilla skepticism” complete with training videos!  The name-calling seems petty and it mostly originates from the same group that supposedly offers $1 million dollars to prove the existence of the paranormal. This challenge had been the brunt of jokes both in the skeptical and free thinking worlds.  The “so-called” tests are designed by magicians who are not involved in science or study; they are involved in debunking. I think they do a great disservice to the legitimate scientific community with this public relations stunt and have created an atmosphere of animosity and division. 

But, despite their biased views, the world and the consciousness of the public have indeed evolved. These days, instead of labeling spiritualists and healers as “out there”, we now enjoy top television shows and movies about mediums in your neighborhood!!  The “para-normal” has become “normal”, much to the chagrin of many in the skeptical community.  People are now asking themselves the “real” questions that matter such as, what is consciousness and does it exist beyond linear time and space as we know it?

The science behind “consciousness” is evolving. No one knows exactly what it is – if the brain creates consciousness or if it is merely the receiver of energy that is already out there. Just the plethora of information given by people who have had a near-death experience should be enough to convince the logical person that it’s possible that consciousness can exist outside of the human body. Is it so far-fetched to also accept that there are some people who have the ability to communicate with that disincarnate energy?

In order to expand and move ahead, science must take the stand to study consciousness, put it through rigorous scientific methods instead of relying on biased, personal opinions from a radial skeptical fringe.  Science must be willing to approach this subject with an open mind because without the possibility of truth, then they are merely cynics disguising themselves as skeptics.   

Science can be used to expand and heal our world, but it can also be used to destroy our world.  If we look back at history, we see that we have not taken care of ourselves or the earth on which we step.  We have to be mindful that everything in our world depends on the choices we make.  We should understand that there is more than one opinion, a coloring of others exist.  The easy cowardly way would be to be set in our way, our ideology and not be open to other possibilities.  Will science realize the possibility that they themselves must evolve in some dogmatic opinions and belief systems.  There must be room to imagine, to have faith to believe.  Take time to breath, to look within your mind, not just your brain in order to understand the eternal connection of your being.  Be open to public scrutiny but also be I never force my beliefs on anyone nor should science.  And it should always remain a world of exploration and awe. When we lose that innocence of being, I fear we have lost ourselves and it may be a long and hard road on whence to return.

Every one of us is spiritual beings whether we recognize this reality or not. 

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