Teachings From the Ghost Whisperer

As a Spiritual Medium, most of my time is spent connecting with Spirits who have passed over to the light. These beings exist at a divine vibration where they can watch over their loved ones on Earth, protecting and supporting them.

Occasionally, when someone dies, especially if the death is sudden or if there is “unfinished business,” the spirit gets stuck between our earthly dimension and the spirit world. We call these beings earthbound spirits or ghosts, An earthbound ghost is simply a human spirit that has not properly passed over. They remain behind on earth, and account for many ghost sightings and haunted places.

Earthbound ghosts were a big part of my life during the seven years when I was co-executive producer of the CBS hit series, The Ghost Whisperer. The Ghost Whisperer was based loosely on the life of Mary Ann Winkowski, a paranormal expert whose specialty is helping earthbound ghosts transition over into the light. In each episode of the show, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character encounters a ghost, and helps it to resolve whatever issue is causing it to remain stuck in the earthly dimension.

Mary Ann Winkowski worked as a consultant on the set of the Ghost Whisperer, and she shared a wealth of fascinating insights about ghosts. Early on in our relationship, I experienced signs that I had attracted the attention of an earthbound ghost. Lights were flickering constantly around my house, the telephone would ring when there was no one on the line, and my garage door kept going up and down on it’s own! I asked Mary Ann to tune in to the energy around my home, and she immediately picked up on the ghost of a former marine named Raymond, who had died suddenly at 43 of a burst appendix. It turns out he had been drawn to the set of the Ghost Whisperer, and had followed me home so that I could help him pass into the light. Because he had died suddenly and painfully, his soul had not actually accepted the fact that he was dead, and had attached himself to me because of his familiarity with the Ghost Whisperer. Together, Mary Ann and I helped him to accept the reality of his passing, and eased him over to the light.

There are several reasons that the dead refuse to transition over, and instead stay and haunt the living. They have a difficult time staying at an earthly vibration, and are drawn to fear energy, which can keep them here. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t find many ghosts in graveyards. You’re more likely to find them in hospitals, dentist offices, and airports – places were the fear energy that feeds them is highest.


Refusing to accept their sudden death.

Cases like that of my young marine are common. Some spirits whose death was sudden and unexpected remain confused and don’t know or accept that they have died.  These spirits remain on earth and try to make contact with anyone that passes by that is sensitive to spirits – in hopes that they can help them understand what has happened.


They can’t leave a loved one who needs them.

Ghosts become stuck when they feel responsible to someone on earth, particularly a baby or child. Often a mother who dies in childbirth will be unable to leave their baby – the maternal instinct can be even more powerful than death – and the deceased mother will stay to watch over the baby until she is convinced that it will be ok. What these ghosts don’t realize is that they can still influence, comfort and protect as a Spirit on the other side.


Addiction can be stronger than death.

Drug addicts and alcoholics often get stuck – because their addictive mindset can be even stronger than death. Many souls come to the schoolhouse that is Earth to conquer addictions that have plagued them for many lifetimes. If they die before they heal, they will most likely carry the addiction into the next lifetime. Their earthbound spirits lurk around other addicts, actually invading their auric field so that they can experience a ghostly version of the high that they couldn’t resist in life.


Death row criminals want to avenge their death.

When death is a result of capital punishment, many times the victim is unremorseful about the crime that put them in that situation. These criminals are prime candidates to become revenge seeking earthbound ghosts. They will stick around, seeking retribution by attempting to influence a weaker mind to kill or harm someone else.


Helping the dead resolve their issues and pass over.

Almost anything that a spirit feels compelled to do or witness before it goes to the light can cause it to remain here until it feels comfortable with how it has left things. A medium, or someone sensitive to Spirit energy can help the ghost to resolve its’ issue and transition over.

At the end of each episode of the Ghost Whisperer, I was always sure to wrap things up in a very positive healing light.  With the help of the medium, the ghosts would go into the light. I made sure that forgiveness, compassion and love were a part of every single show.

If you are sensitive to the energy of the Spirit world, stay tuned! My new Mediumship Certification course will be coming in September, and it contains over 60 videos and exercises that will allow you to become a conduit between the living and the dead.

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