James Van Praagh has traveled the world relaying messages to people from their loved ones who have crossed over. This weekend, he is in Houston for the Brilliant Lecture Series.

Four-hundred people paid $50 to see him in the flesh at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.

“I never heard of this guy before and I’m skeptical of what he’s doing, so I wanted to find the truth,” attendee TD Daniel said.

“When we saw that he was going to be here, I thought why not see if we can come down and visit and see if maybe I could talk to my mom or my brothers,” attendee Mary Beth Wallace said.

Wallace wore the watch her mother gave her and the earrings her brother gave her.

“Hoping that it might trigger and bring her through,” she said.

Scott Brogan started this Brilliant Lecture Series 11 years ago to bring iconic positive role models to Houston to share their life story without an agenda.

“This is the first time we’ve done anything in this genre. But again, we wanted to bring the best of the best,” Brogan said.

Van Praagh brought one woman a message from her husband and her mother. And he brought two other women messages from several relatives who have passed on. They wiped tears away as he told them..

Van Praagh’s overarching message is that there are lessons you can learn from death, and that the dead are still here all around us. He says death is our home. The Earth is our school.

Van Praagh will continue his message Saturday with an all day workshop.

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