Chuck Bergman

Chuck Bergman is a retired police officer and accomplished psychic medium with over 25 years’ experience in afterlife communication. He has authored two books, “The Everything Guide to Evidence of The Afterlife,” a scientific approach to the existence of life after death, along with actual-case readings. His second book is an autobiography “The Psychic Cop.” Chuck portrays his unique journey from a 32 year police career in Salem Massachusetts to the personal development of his amazing psychic abilities. His uncanny accuracy has been profiled on A&E and the History Channel TV show “Psychic Search.” Chuck has assisted numerous law enforcement agencies across the country in their on-going investigations as well as giving individual readings and hosting group forums with the focus of contacting loved ones on the other side.

Enjoy his seven minute video demonstrating the type of visions that a medium will get during a reading. What appears to be a simple statement can have a powerful impact on the person receiving the messages. “What’s the Medium Sees”


Middleburg, Florida

(904) 291-1196

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