Dr. Lauren Thibodeau

Lauren Thibodeau is a highly regarded medium who earned a Ph.D in psychological counseling. Author of ‘Natural-Born Intuition’ and ‘Natural-Born Soulmates,’ her books have been translated into several languages and have been best-sellers in Europe. Dr. Lauren has been a registered medium at the largest community of mediums, Lily Dale Assembly in New York, since 1996. Known for her passionate emphasis on developing one’s innate mediumistic and psychic abilities, Dr. Lauren is honored to include many psychics and mediums in her clientele and has taught in England and Spain as well as across North America. Featured in many documentaries, books and research studies involving mediumship, Dr. Lauren is also an accomplished beginning painter whose works have been displayed in galleries despite her lack of traditional training in the fine arts–just another way her mediumship is expressed, as she sees it.

Contact Dr. Lauren:

Location: Manhattan, New York



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