Frequently Asked Questions

Does James schedule private sessions?

James does not do private readings. Please consult our Practitioners page for his personal recommendations of individuals who do.

Can James do readings by telephone, email or by mail?

When James does readings at his seminars or for charity, he can connect to the spirit world by hearing the voice of the person he is reading for. So, in-person, phone and Skype will work but not email or mail.

When will James be appearing in my area?

All of James’ events are listed on the web-site EVENTS page. For further information or to register for the event, simply click on the links that are available. As details regarding events are confirmed, they will be added or updated on my Event Calendar. Please be sure to bookmark the Events page for easy reference.

How can I find out about James’ television or radio appearances?

These will also be listed on the web-site EVENTS page. Please be aware that television shows are pre-taped and their airdate is not known right away. Those television shows that allow live studio audiences are listed if information is available. Not all television shows have audience ticket availability.

If a radio show features a call-in segment, those telephone numbers will be posted. All radio shows available by streaming audio will also be posted. As details regarding events are confirmed, they will be added or updated on the Events page.

How can I contact James?

The fastest way to contact James is through his Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. He will check daily and answer as best as he can.

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