Gordon Ellison

Gordon is an Ojibwe from the Bear Clan of the Timiskaming First Nation of Notre-Dam-du-Norde (Quebec) Canada. Gordon is a Spiritual Medium who speaks with those who have crossed over from our physical world. A teacher of meditation and psychic development, Gordon also believes that the communication with Spirit is more than just bringing a connection between the physical and spirit world. These interactions are never merely a conversation, but also emphasize his belief that we do not completely die. Gordon’s experiences are ones that encourage thoughts that death, as we know it is but a transformation of life. Gordon has been offering readings for over 15 years throughout Canada and the United States. He offers readings and in person, group settings, through Skype and telephone. He also offers lectures and gallery readings. Gordon, also is an author of the book “The Guidance Within”, it gives the novice person a very down to earth insight about developing his/her Psychic ability.

Contact Gordon:

Location: Ontario, Canada


(905) 359-8904

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