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Read about An Afternoon of Spirit in Penticton by spiritual medium James Van Praagh.


Lakeside hosting psychic demo


The planes of Penticton’s physical existence will be bridged with the spirit world on Nov. 7 during An Afternoon of Spirit in Penticton by spiritual medium James Van Praagh.

Van Praagh will open the presentation by sharing with the audience his personal history of psychic ability, before explaining how his experience as a medium has shaped his philosophies.

“In doing this work I’ve learned a lot from the spirit side of life,” he said. “In knowing how to live every day, here, the golden rule definitely applies. We’re all connected as one being with the illusion of being separate from one another.”

After giving the audience an understanding of his capabilities, Van Praagh leads a meditation to open everybody up, which allows him to connect with spirits that exist outside of a physical form.

“In my mind I’m able to hear impressions and receive impressions, whether it’s visual feelings or auditory, they’ll be impressions of somebody in the audience,” he said. “I really let them fill my mind up with this information and that’s how I give it out. It’s an interesting process.”



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