Meeting Spirit Halfway

Spirits are all around you, so why is it that you’re not bumping into them everywhere, all the time? The answer is simple – Spirits exist at a much higher vibration than human beings. Connecting with them requires that you raise your vibration while they lower theirs, so you can “meet in the middle”.  The fact that mediums do their work in between the high Spirit vibration and the lower earthly vibration is actually the reason that they are called “mediums.”

I start all of my demonstrations and events with music and dancing to raise the energy level. It’s not enough to raise my own vibration – I must raise the vibration of the entire room.  Luckily, people who attend my events are open and receptive to Spirit. They wouldn’t be in my audience if they weren’t. By creating an environment of love, joy and light, we turn the room into a party for the living and the Spirit people – everyone wants to be there!


Sustaining a high vibration takes work.

We all have varying degrees of natural psychic ability, but being a medium requires training and focus. A medium must raise their vibration, attract Spirit to them, then sustain their vibration at a high level long enough to receive a clear reading. It takes practice to keep from dropping down into the psychic realm. You can tell a medium is “slipping” when they start reading the living person they are working with, rather than bringing through messages from the other side.


Helium balloons vs. lead weights. 

There are some things that raise our vibration closer to a divine level, and others that lower it down to a base level.  Some behaviors and attitudes are like helium balloons – they raise our vibration, allowing us to connect with Spirit. Other feelings, thoughts and activities serve as lead weights – dropping our vibration and taking us further from Spirit.

Each choice we make originates from either love (a high vibration) or fear (a low vibration). In every decision we make, we are moving toward one or the other. The more we keep our vibration high, the more open we will be to receiving messages from Spirit.


How to raise your vibration to attract Spirit 

  • Cultivate an atmosphere of love, light and joy.  Actively embrace gratitude!
  • Be open to whatever happens – trust that whatever happens is meant to be.
  • Release all of your expectations. Expectations block energy!
  • Do some mental housekeeping. Clean up the conditions of your mind. Thoughts become things, and you are the only one who controls which thoughts you manifest.
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate! The more you meditate, the closer you can get to spirit. Meditation helps you clean your energy field and strengthen your connection with the universe.


Let go of the lead weights that are holding you down. 

  • Do your best to move away from fear, anger, hate, and other negative emotions that cause you to vibrate at a lower level.
  • Release old resentments, grudges and grievances. Come from a place of compassion – it will allow you to forgive and let go!
  • Don’t let your ego get the upper hand. Your ego tries to outsmart what you know deep down inside of your soul. Don’t let your EGO Edge God Out.
  • Stop trying to control the universe! Accept that you have no control, and that everything will happen exactly as it should.

In my 30 plus years as a spiritual medium, I’ve learned many techniques for tapping into a higher frequency, and staying there. I’ll be sharing them with you in my JVP Mediumship Certification Online Course. This 8- week course includes over 60 instructional videos, dozens of exercises, meditations and live calls with me!  It will be launching in just a few days – so keep an eye on your inbox for special pricing, or check my school web site at for more details.

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