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The Power of Love video by James Van Praagh

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“When you access love’s energy, you open yourself to the possibility of All That Is.”

-James Van Praagh

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Transform your entire relationship with yourself! In this revolutionary online course, James takes you on what may be the most important journey you’ve ever taken – the journey to loving yourself. Over just one powerful day, you’ll immerse yourself in a series of special audio processes and creative assignments that help you connect deeply to your highest self and finally accept ALL of who you are. You’ll release perfectionism, guilt and shame and come to see that you are whole just as you are. The course is yours to keep and re-do anytime you’re feeling alone, down or disconnected.

You’re amazing, special, and beautiful. It’s time that you woke up and recognized it.

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You’ll receive access to James’ special launch party. Over a full hour, he shares uplifting insights to help you tap into the power of love and takes questions about amplifying the power of love in your life.

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Never again feel powerless! In this special download, James shares the spiritual keys for developing courageous confidence and self-love.

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Raise your consciousness and create lasting change in all areas as James gently guides you through these two illuminating processes. In Tuning into Abundance, you’ll tap into your innate power to create wealth and financial freedom. And, in Tuning into Forgiveness, you’ll experience the freedom of letting go of the past, so you can finally move forward.

About the Book

If you want to experience more love, to feel more connected, to recognize your worth… you need The Power of Love.

With The Power of Love, you will…

  • Love Yourself like Never Before

    You’ll come to understand that all the love you’re longing for is already within you. It never left you and will never leave you. With the secrets reveled in this book, you’ll realize that loving all of yourself (even your perceived flaws and weaknesses) is surprisingly easier than you think.

  • Reawaken Your Most Authentic Self

    Unsure of your purpose? Feel incomplete? You’ll tap into the infinite part of you who knows what you should be doing with your life and who you’re here to be. James even shares a secret key for easily developing confidence in your true self.

  • Connect to the Oneness

    When you embrace The Power of Love, everything flows easily and effortlessly into place, where you know Spirit is on your side. You’re able to let go of control and fear, knowing that Spirit is always guiding and protecting you.

  • Heal Family Ties and Difficult Relationships

    You’ll reach an entirely new level of understanding and forgiveness. As you read, you’ll come to see the difficult people in your life as your greatest teachers, who give you an opportunity to grow.

  • Draw More Loving People into Your Life

    Longing to meet your soulmate? Want more love from the people around you? Follow the spiritual solutions in this book to receive the love and support you desire.

  • Realize that Love Never Dies

    When you are in complete alignment with the power of love, you will realize that death is merely an illusion. Your loved ones in Spirit are always with you, always loving you.

  • Turn Hardships into Blessings, Failure into Success

    With The Power of Love, you’ll see that the most difficult life lessons, even the most horrendous hardships, can be healed and transformed.

  • Choose Love Over Fear

    There are only two ways to experience life — through love or fear. You are where you are in your life because of the countless choices you have made based on these two responses. Whereas fear stops our natural flow of vitality and brings forth upheavals, love opens the door to all possibility.

  • Transform the Lives of Others

    The love within you has the power to not only change your life… it can change the world. When you walk in the love, it has a ripple effect. You shine light on everyone with whom you come into contact. Imagine how wonderful that will feel!

The Power of Love is Available to You Now

You don’t have to feel unworthy or alone. You don’t need to struggle.
You can love yourself, receive the love you desire, and feel the healing force of love from Above.

What are you waiting for?

Here’s How to Claim Your Bonuses


Get your copy today. Just click on of one of the bookseller links below:







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Praise for The Power of Love

“In his wonderfully profound book, James Van Praagh provides us with the manual on how to tap into the essence of love. If you want to truly grow and evolve, cultivate and share your innate gifts with others, and live a more purposeful life—then this book is for you. James does a brilliant job in demystifying our spiritual nature so that we can live more harmoniously with others and ourselves. His knowledge and experience, so eloquently written, combined with very practical tools will change your life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

— Dr. Joe Dispenza, New York Times best-selling author of You Are the Placebo

“When we embrace the power of love, it cannot be extinguished. Love is spirit.”

— Deepak Chopra, author of Super Genes

“James has created a masterful and easy-to-follow blueprint to navigate our real-life challenges and awaken the magnificence resting in our heart.”

— davidji, author of The Secrets of Meditation

The Power of Love is a potent remedy for all that blocks our deepest yearnings both to love and receive love. Filled with grounded truth, sage wisdom, and profoundly healing energy—if you are ready to experience a transformational shift and find freedom of fear and old habits, this book is for you. It will not disappoint. It’s a beautiful guide that I will embrace for my own journey.”

— Sonia Choquette, New York Times best-selling author of The Answer Is Simple and Ask Your Guides

“Guess what James Van Praagh has learned communicating with both dead people and live ones? Love is the primary force of the universe whether from this side or the other side. He has delicious insights about ‘owning our love’ and explores questions and answers about love in this gem of a book. And he clearly shows how love is the master healer. I believe you are going to love this book as I do!”

— Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine and The Energies of Love

A special note for you from James…

Dearest Friend,

Your time has come. For you to see this right now means you’re ready on your journey to receive more love. This is a very special book because it’s filled with healing. Every word, phrase, sentence has a vibration of love. As you read, it will activate that power within you to be healed, bring back a sense of wholeness, connect you with Source, and give you the freedom to be your true self. Most of all, you will awaken the Divine force of love in all areas of your life.

Love, James


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