Psychic reading part of live stream for ‘Winchester’ event

The new film “Winchester” is based on a true story about a gun heiress (played by Helen Mirren) who thinks she’s haunted by people killed by gun violence. To give the souls a home, she renovates a house, adding rooms on to it for years until her death.

Today, the Winchester Mystery House is a National Historic Landmark in California where it is purported to be haunted. Sounds like a great topic for a psychic reading – and so it shall be.

As part of a nationwide event being live-streamed to theaters – and introduced by Mirren and co-star Jason Clarke – noted psychic medium James Van Praagh will discuss the house and conduct readings via social media.

Locally, you can take part in the event and a screening of the film at 8:25 p.m. at Dipson Flix Stadium 10 in Lancaster.

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