Shelley Duffy

Shelley is an internationally known spiritual medium, psychic and animal communicator. She has been doing professional readings since 1997 and also teaches classes and workshops in psychic development and mediumship.

She has been a guest on many radio and television shows and was also interviewed along with James Van Praagh in the Special Features section on the DVD of the movie “Ghost”.

Shelley feels that the most rewarding thing about her work is to see the healing that takes place. Whether it be through a communication with a loved one who is in spirit or watching someone transform themselves and their lives by getting advice and guidance from a higher source.

She is also very involved in domestic and exotic animal rescue and loves to use her gifts to help exotic animals in zoos as well as those exotics that end up in rescues. In particular she likes to work with wolves, wolf hybrids and primates. Shelley is available for in-person and telephone consultations.

Contact Shelley:

Location: Las Vegas, NV

702) 269-7190

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