Vicki Monroe

Vicki has been seeing spirits since the age of three, lecturing, teaching, and giving heart felt, amazingly accurate sessions for close to 20 years.  A born psychic medium, spirit messenger, and now author, as well as radio host and television personality.  She is currently in production for a new show, where she can share her ability in bringing closure to those who have lost loved ones in violent ways.  She works in Cold case files as well as a leading Paranormal Investigator.  Her compassion and love of life have brought so much peace to those who believe that death is the end.  She lives in California, and Maine.  She does large events, personal groups, and still does private sessions when time is available.

No one works for Vicki, so the voice you will talk to is always Vicki herself.  She is currently working on over 40 Cold Case Files across the globe.  Her episode on Psychic Investigators is considered one of the top 5 in the making of that program. It is still shown nationally 8 years after it’s making.

Contact Vicki:

Location: Dayton, Maine

(207) 499-1089


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